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Fuel Injector Set

Fuel Injector Set

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Fuel Injector Set

Fuel Injector Set

The Fuel Injector Set are valves or gates that are controlled electronically to spray the pressurized fuel mist into the engine's internal combustion chamber. They have completely replaced carburetors which were used in older vehicles. In advanced electronic fuel injection systems, each engine cylinder has a separate fuel injector. One end of the fuel injector is attached to the cylinder and the other end receives fuel at high pressure.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU), in response to the various signals received from the sensors in the system, controls the fuel injectors. Based on the impulses received, the ECU determines the amount and frequency of fuel to be injected. The fuel injection may take place continuously or at regular intervals. If the engine requires more fuel, the fuel injector valves stay open for a longer time.

One of the common indications of an affected fuel injector is engine misfire. This usually happens when the injector is clogged with foreign particles and eventually fails to supply the fuel at the right time. Other symptoms include rough or poor idling and increased fuel consumption. A leaky fuel injector will decrease the gas mileage considerably. You should replace the fuel injectors at the earliest to avoid compromising your engine efficiency. At Buy Auto Parts we stock a wide variety of fuel injector sets for every car make and model.

We have genuine OEM replacements and premium aftermarket parts. All our car parts are thoroughly tested and come with a warranty. To view the parts that fit your vehicle, select the right year, make and model of your car on our online catalog. At Buy Auto Parts you will find high-quality fuel injector sets at unbeatable prices, and free shipping. If you have any questions about our car parts, call our toll-free support line 1-888-907-7225 or email us at [email protected].

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