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You chose your Audi because you demand top-notch performance from every aspect of your driving machine, and fuel economy is certainly no exception. Achieving a high level of efficiency without compromising potential power is one of the great challenges in auto manufacturing, however, and it's one that is often resolved through the use of a quality Audi Turbocharger. This indispensable component is responsible for maximizing gas mileage by transforming what would otherwise be wasted exhaust into viable energy. For ideal performance from your automobile, it's important to be sure your turbocharger is in sound condition.

An Audi Turbo is an advanced component, produced by leading suppliers such as BorgWarner. The function of this part is to force compressed air into a vehicle's engine, increasing the overall amount of air and fuel to be burned. This results in more powerful combustions with each piston stroke, which in turn translates to greater power as you operate your vehicle. By achieving this gain without the added weight of a heavier engine, a vehicle's power-to-weight ratio is improved considerably, ensuring peak performance with the benefit of minimal fuel consumption. Recent advancements have even allowed for more consistent boost capability and streamlined hardware builds, expanding potential applications in today's modern vehicles.

Though a turbo is generally expected to perform for hundreds of thousands of miles, numerous factors can impact a part's actual performance. Issues such as cracked seals and buildup of debris or carbon deposits can all shorten a component's effective lifespan. Several symptoms can indicate the need for an Audi Turbo replacement, including fray or blue smoke from your exhaust system, observance of high-pitched whining when running above 1,000 RPM or generally sluggish acceleration when driving. It's recommended you take steps to ensure your turbocharger is up to speed if you've noticed any of these warning signs, particularly in conjunction with an illuminated Check Engine Light.

If your Audi turbocharger does happen to need replacement contact us. We can help get the very best Audi replacement turbocharger at a low cost and with a guaranteed fit.








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