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The BMW X5 is a mid-size, luxury crossover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) which first rolled off the assembly lines in 1999. This model marked BMW's entry into the sport utility market, which was then followed by vehicles including the X3 and X6. Instead of calling the vehicle an SUV, BMW preferred marketing it as a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) to highlight the on-road capabilities of the model. Whether you treat your X5 as an on-road or off-road vehicle, it needs to be in good shape to safely transport you to your destinations without any snags or hiccups.

When any auto part is on the verge of failing, you should replace them with working parts. After all, your car parts do have an expiration date, which can differ from one part to the other. A proper maintenance schedule is also mandatory to sustain your car's performance and efficiency for a long time. At, we are here to aid you in reconditioning your car. With our replacement car parts, you can restore your vehicle to near-mint condition.

Let’s get to know more about the specifications and other details of your BMW X5. The vehicle has been produced in three generations and was designated as the BMW E53, E70 and F15, for those generations. The SUV is manufactured at the Spartanburg BMW plant located in South Carolina. The type of engine and transmission included in the X5 varied with each generation. The vehicle is offered in a 5-door SUV body style and a four-wheel drive layout. 2010 saw the release of the performance variant of the X5.

The first generation of X5’s were produced when BMW owned Land Rover. Therefore, a number of similar parts were used in the first generation of the X5 and the Land Rover Range Rover HSE. This generation also received a life cycle impulse (LCI), a term used by BMW to denote a mid-generational refresh, in 2004. Cars of the second generation went into production in late 2006, and included BMW's iDrive system as standard equipment. These cars were also fitted with an optional third row seat, which was the first of its kind in a BMW vehicle. In 2011, an LCI was given to the second generation cars.

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG), as known, is a German brand that is acclaimed for making luxury automobiles that are spectacular, highly efficient and powerful. The brand's main offices are in Munich, Bavaria. BMW also owns the Mini and Rolls-Royce marques of vehicles. In addition, the brand is also a supplier of motorcycles and plug-in electric vehicles; the former is marketed under the brand name Motorrad and the latter is marketed under the BMW i sub-brand.

Some parts in a car are add-on components. These components are not indispensable but they do make a huge difference in the performance or appearance of the vehicle. One such part is the turbocharger which enhances the power generated by the engine. The term “art from waste” best describes the turbocharger. The exhaust gases are first passed to the turbocharger before they are let into the atmosphere. The gases drive the compressor inside the turbocharger which pushes compressed air into the engine. As compressed air can burn a greater amount of fuel, the power generated by the engine increases substantially.

Your X5 also includes a turbocharger which helps run your vehicle with greater power. Since unwanted exhaust gases are used to drive the turbocharger, it is one of the efficient ways to increase the power of the engine. Though turbochargers are essentially add-on components, they are now considered as one of the basic parts in any mainstream car. Performance parts in an automobile increase the efficiency of any automotive system in which they are installed. For example, exhaust system which are designed to expel a large amount of exhaust gases than normal systems enable the engine to burn more fuel.

Whether you're purchasing performance, add-ons or standard parts for your X5, you do not have to second-guess yourself while buying replacement auto parts from us. Though our parts are one of the finest in the market, they will not cost you an arm and a leg. We want to ensure that you install the parts you get from us without any issues. With our US-based customer support, you can have your technical doubts clarified. Our parts are guaranteed to fit exactly in your X5 as they are custom-made for each model.