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Experience the difference with, your online source for performance auto parts. We are 100% committed to helping you in any way we can, whether you are a professional mechanic or a new hobbyist. Our performance auto parts offer you the latest innovations and state of the art technology. We bring you the lowest prices and the highest measure of convenience in your quest for high performance. has a fantastic variety of car performance parts, including the best in class choices across the board. Whether you're looking for air intake modifications, a torque converter, a high performance clutch kit,turbochargers or the hottest LED kits available, has what you want. For the quick performance boosting modification or the entire high performance auto engine overhaul, we've got you covered.

At you know you'll always reach someone who has the knowledge to assist you in your quest for better car performance parts. No one will “sell” you on our performance parts; we are here to help you choose exactly the right tools to satisfy your need for speed. We go the extra mile to help you get exactly the right performance auto parts for your project because we love high performance auto as much as you do!

Some of our most popular performance car parts include:

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Air Filters and High Performance

Installing a performance air intake is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your speed and get the performance auto you're looking for. That's because your vehicle's internal combustion engine relies heavily on air. A performance air intake kit allows your engine to “breathe deeply,” having a direct impact on your efficiency, power and performance.

Your car needs air to burn fuel and move, and this is why the air intake system is key to performance: more air, more fuel, more combustion, more power. Your engine sucks in whatever air is available; on the street or the track that air is dirty, dusty, and full of gas fumes and debris. Your filtration device is what stands between those endless lawyers of speed-draining gunk and your performance auto engine. If you want that cherry engine to look amazing and run better than it looks, you need the right air intake system.

Stock air intake tubes are attached to air boxes; the air enters your engine after passing through a stock air filter. These stock filters are disposable, made of paper. Unlike typical performance auto systems, they are designed for maximum efficiency, not performance or fuel economy. The slim intake tube is built to fit into your engine, so it turns and twists all over the place, further restricting air flow.

If you want to increase your speed, you need more air to the engine. The issue is that more air means more of what you don't want your engine exposed to—unless you use a performance air intake system that increases your air intake without sacrificing any filtering power. A cheap filter not made for performance is typically made of paper. As a paper filter catches some of the particulates that would otherwise be gumming up your engine, it doesn't let as much air through and gets clogged. This is why you replace normal paper air filters pretty regularly.

Performance air intake systems are a world apart from their stock cousins. The intake tubes in these performance auto kits are wider and they bend less. Many draw air from outside the engine—colder air away from engine heat lets you burn fuel more evenly and efficiently. These are called cold air intake systems. On the other hand, ram air intake systems are shaped to “ram” air into the engine. This kind of design is particularly effective at high speeds.

A performance air filter is made of cotton and other advanced materials along with lubricants. The weave is much finer, trapping more of the bad stuff in the air. At the same time, though, the performance filter lets far more air through, boosting your horsepower and performance while saving your engine from excessive wear and tear. It also gives your engine a deeper sound when you accelerate hard—not enough to bother you or interfere with your music, just enough to signal those in the know that your car has been upgraded.

A performance air intake filter can even save you money in the long run. When it's time to maintain the performance auto filter, you can wash it, add more oil, and reinstall it instead of throwing it out. Your performance filter is an investment, unlike the string of paper filters you just use and throw away. And as you improve the air flow into your engine, you boost not just performance and speed, but also your fuel economy.

Want an extra boost for your car? Check out our throttle body spacers (TBIs). These get bolted between your throttle body and your intake tube. Their purpose is to spin air as it comes in through the intake tube, which improves how it mixes with your fuel.

How much does a performance air intake system add to your car's overall performance? You'd be surprised. You will see the biggest improvements from these performance auto parts in your horsepower and torque. Expect at least 5 to 20 additional horsepower, 20 to 70 additional foot pounds of torque, and 1 to 5 miles per gallon from a good performance air intake modification. You may get a lot more from your air intake system based on the specific air intakes and your vehicle's size.

Performance and Clutch Kits

What's in a clutch? Since you are already into performance you know the answer is: a lot. Performance auto clutches use different materials in the disc and usually feature heavier springs for better transmission of torque without slipping. The aggressive shifting you need for performance applications is supported more readily by a performance clutch.

The materials your clutch is made of greatly influence how it functions and what uses it's best suited for. The design is just as important, although there is some variability and wiggle room for your own personal style.

If you drive on a track, you need a performance clutch. This is because temperatures and power levels both tend to exceed what your stock clutch and its typical organic compounds can tolerate. Over time it will slip and fail to grab in the first place, making your problem worse. Eventually the clutch will fail. Performance clutches therefore often come in carbons, ceramics, cerametallics or kevlars.

Similarly, even if you never get to the track, if you drag then your stock clutch may not cut it. The launch depends on the clutch; the clutch in a drag vehicle must be able to grab well and clamp heavily enough to actually make the force needed for the launch. Of course heat is a problem here, too. As you search for the ideal performance clutch kit for your ride, check out the selection at

Horsepower and Torque in Performance Auto

Horsepower in an engine is measured by a dynamometer – sort of. A dynamometer measures how much power that an engine can muster when a load is placed on it. So how does that translate into speed? What the dynamometer and the testing process are ultimately measuring is torque, or turning force. You convert torque to horsepower by rpm/5,252.

All a torque converter really does is make the way your vehicle moves power from the engine to the transmission more efficient—pretty central to speed. For this reason the torque converter is a critical piece of the performance car parts puzzle.

The torque converter itself is just a fluid coupling shaped kind of like a doughnut; instead of being physically connected to the turbine it feeds out to, the power transfer happens in torque converters as thick fluid moves around inside it. This fluid mechanics component is part of what makes selecting the right performance auto torque converter confusing at times. Even basic changes to the shape, size and length of the converter's internal fins and blades affect performance characteristics in important ways. And there's often more than one way to build a converter that can achieve the performance you want.

Performance torque converters maximize your off the line power by letting your motor rev way up into its power zone and skipping the low rpm part of the cycle. A performance torque converter lets your engine spin more independently from your transmission than it otherwise could, so you can, for example, rev up your engine with the gas pedal without moving. The engine pumps more fluid into the torque converter, which lets you go when the engine is already moving fast. You transfer more torque to the wheels. This means you will see incredible boosts to your acceleration power and shave time off your quarter-mile.

Every engine has a peak horsepower rpm. This is the rpm speed that gives your engine the maximum power. For example, you might see a car described as having 350 hp 6,000 rpm. Low-end torque, something you hear about a lot in performance automotive discussions, means your peak torque happens at only 2,000 or 3,000 rpm—something on the low end of the possibilities. To be fastest off the line, you aim to stay close to your maximum horsepower. You also downshift to accelerate to increase your rpm. So the best performance torque converter lets you skip the rest and just rev up to your maximum horsepower point and then let out the clutch for the fastest start.

Choosing the right torque converter and other performance auto parts for your vehicle doesn't have to be a headache. Keep these torque converter and speed facts handy as you search for the right performance car parts.

Performance Parts Built for Speed

To be really high performance, your vehicle must have a great power-to-weight ratio. This means more power relative to the car's weight. Less weight means less effort to accelerate. This is where great performance auto parts come into play.

Obviously if you have a need for speed you need a good power-to-weight ratio. The right performance car parts can make this happen, but only when you find the right combination and the best quality. Great performance auto parts are made of high-quality, lightweight, durable materials. And even the best parts won't work in every combination.

In the end your search for high performance parts will focus on several things. You'll be looking to get lots of power and minimize your curb weight. You'll also be looking for the perfect performance air intake system for your ride—and as you can see, this is different for each customer. Finally, you'll be aiming to maximize your ability to rev your engine high before your wheels even start moving with the right performance clutch kit and torque converter.

We are here to help you find the ideal performance parts for your ride, so contact the experts at today. is your high performance, modification and speed source.

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