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The components in your car all play some role. Some are accessories and luxuries, others are needed for your car to function. Those which are, can prove to be a headache when they fail, especially since you won't be able to drive your car. A part that is often forgotten or taken for granted is the strut. While not all cars have struts, many use only struts or the part in conjunction with shock absorbers. The Cadillac Strut Assembly in your car plays multiple crucial roles.

The biggest role is the connection they offer between the chassis on the top connection point, and the wheel at the bottom. If they need replacing, you will notice it because you will feel a poor and choppy ride. We have just the solution for it. Our Cadillac Struts are a guaranteed fitment for your vehicle because they have been meticulously cataloged for your vehicle. They have been designed to the original OEM specification, so you shouldn't worry about reliability. What's more, it's not just a replacement part, but aims to upgrade your handling and make it better than before.

The strut provides you comfort when driving and spares you the bumpiness and vibrations. Replacing it when it's worn out or broken is a must. Ride comfort is just an inconvenience, the real danger is evident in the handling effects. It will make the car misbehave and handle unpredictably. The strut usually applies tension to each individual end of the corners of the car, dampening vibrations from potholes. You can take a look at the shock and strut Buyer's Guide on the site for help on choosing the right Cadillac Strut for your vehicle.

Cadillac is a division of GM, which is currently America's biggest car maker. It sells and designs premium and up-market luxury cars around the world. It's the second oldest company in the USA, and one of the oldest companies in the world. The remains of the Henry Ford Company formed Cadillac back in the early 1900s. Cadillac established itself as a leader without the help of GM, it was bought only thereafter being a successful company in its own right. They introduced many innovations, like the steel roof and full electrical systems.

Cadillac was awarded the prestige Dewar Trophy two times. The trophy is only awarded to car companies which help in advancing and improving the entire automotive industry by creating something groundbreaking. Cadillac is one of the few companies to have won it two times, winning it by being the first company to demonstrate the interchangeability of component parts. This then created their slogan that still holds to this very day, "Standard of the World".

The car's struts give the chassis added rigidity and shape the form. They enable easier handling as they absorb a lot of road imperfections and only allow actual wheel and road feedback to come through. They also take almost all of the hits and punishments away from normal driving, saving the chassis from bending and twisting. Because a chassis can't be replaced, but a strut can. Weight is also evenly distributed throughout the entire car with the help of struts, saving additional chassis stress.

A whole other set of topics and questions have been discussed and answered on our blog, but if you still have questions about Cadillac Shocks and Struts, or anything else for that matter, turn to the FAQs, and if even that doesn't work, Contact Us directly.