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Cadillac Turbocharger by Model


Having a turbocharged Cadillac has given you that extra boost of power you always wanted in a car without having to buy a larger Cadillac. Your Cadillac turbocharger allows you to have a smaller engine displacement without having to have a larger car while also saving you money on fuel. It’s a win-win for you and you couldn’t be happier about it. You want to make sure your Cadillac turbocharger is always in proper working condition so you need to learn more about signs of failure so that if you may ever need a Cadillac replacement turbocharger you will know when to get one. In this article we will discuss what causes failure in a Cadillac turbocharger.

The three most common causes that can lead to failure in a Cadillac turbocharger are: improper lubrication or lack of maintenance, foreign object damage and overspending. The most common cause of failure in turbochargers occurs in the engines lubrication system. The bearings of a turbocharger depend on a constant flow of clean oil to work properly and if oil is not passing through them they will deteriorate and cause the turbocharger to malfunction. There are many reasons why the oiling system can break down. Some of them are lack of maintenance, improper oil or filter being used, extreme driving conditions and wear and tear, as the vehicle gets older. All of these factors contribute to the wearing down of the turbocharger’s oil supply.

Over-speeding can be a cause of Cadillac turbocharger failure but this is a bit difficult to diagnose. Your turbocharger is made of three components, the turbine, compressor and center housing/hub rotating assembly (CHRA). In most cases, the compressor speed (boost pressure) is determined by the wastegate actuator that regulates the speed of the turbine by allowing exhaust gas to bypass the turbine wheel when it reaches the desired manifold pressure. But if there is a leak between the engine and the compressor the turbocharger cannot reach the proper pressure it needs making it harder to obtain the desired pressure. This makes the Cadillac turbo work harder than normal to reach the desired pressure it needs. So it is important to check hoses and fittings to make sure they fit properly and are tight enough, while also taking a closer look at the piping that can lead to holes and cause leaks. So make sure all parts of the turbocharger are inspected thoroughly to make sure there aren’t any leaks that will cause your turbocharger to lose pressure and work harder.

The last cause of Cadillac turbocharger failure is having foreign objects enter the compressor inlet from the air filter system or through the turbine inlet. When you get your air filter serviced make sure to inspect the system for any loose connections or small amounts of debris such a dirt and leaves that could enter the air filter housing. The compressor wheel in all turbochargers is very delicate and any debris left inside of it will cause damage to the operation of the turbocharger.

If you get your Cadillac turbocharger inspected and it shows any signs of failure you need to get it fixed immediately so you don’t cause further damage to the components of the turbocharger. Count on us to help you get the highest quality turbochargers at the lowest prices. We have all kinds of Cadillac replacement turbochargers for you to choose from.