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Your turbocharged Chevy Corvette is getting older and you are starting to notice some signs of wear and tear that is usual with older cars. You got your Corvette with a Chevy turbocharged engine because you wanted the added performance and wanted to save on gas. But as turbochargers get older they start to need repairs or replacements. You have noticed that you are losing that added performance and notice that you are using a lot more oil. Since you do not want engine damage from your turbocharger using your engine oil up you know it is time to start looking for Chevy replacement turbochargers. Let’s go ahead and find out how a Chevy turbocharger works.

Your Chevy turbocharger will be installed in your intake manifold, which is a part in your Chevy air induction system. Other components of your Chevy air induction system will include the fuel inject system, intake ports and the intake valves. Now a Chevrolet turbocharger will be a type of forced Chevy air induction system where it will compress the air flowing into the engine. The benefits of having the compressed air is that it lets the engine squeeze more air into the cylinder meaning that more fuel can be added. So you are getting more power from explosion in each cylinder.

But what is the point of having one? Well a Chevrolet turbocharger will give your engine a boost. Chevy turbochargers are popular because they are smaller engines that give you as much power as larger engines but are also lighter, so your Chevy will not get weighed down. So the Chevy turbocharger will produce more power than the same engine without charging and that is why you get the improved power-to-weight ratio on your engine.

For the Chevy turbocharger to achieve this extra boost you so desire it will use the exhaust flow from the engine to spin the turbine, the other main component along with the compressor, which then spins the air pump. The turbine in your Chevy turbocharger can spin at speeds up to 150,000 rpm. This is 30 times faster than most car engines can go! So you are getting a lot more power. Since the Chevy turbocharger is hooked up to the exhaust, the temperatures in the turbine can get very high. Since they can get so high some Chevy turbochargers will come with intercoolers, which is basically a second radiator to cool down the air coming from he turbocharger to the engine.

So now that you know how a Chevy turbocharger works you want to make sure that you get the proper replacement for your Corvette. We offer a variety of Chevy replacement turbochargers that will meet the needs you are looking for. Chevy turbochargers can be expensive but with us you can rest assured that we will help you find the Chevrolet turbocharger that is the perfect fit for your Corvette. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. All of our Chevrolet turbochargers come with a one-year warranty, free shipping and they are guaranteed to fit!