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Chrysler Turbocharger by Model


You own a Chrysler and are looking for ways to get more power out of it while at the same time improving your fuel economy. You have heard about both supercharged and turbocharged engines and want to install one of those to give your Chrysler more boost. Since you are looking for that improved horsepower and higher efficiency you have decided to go with a Chrysler turbocharger. Your turbocharged Chrysler will be a much better option for you. Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of having a turbocharged Chrysler.

A Chrysler Turbochargers has many advantages that lead to a better engine experience as opposed to a supercharger. While both are similar since they are induction devices the way they use exhaust gas is different. A turbocharger makes uses of exhaust gas in order to rotate the turbine and then pressurize the compressor to allow the intake of air for combustion. This increases fuel and spark by matching more amounts of air and generating more power.

This is advantageous because it will give you a significant increase in horsepower and a more efficient engine. Chrysler turbochargers run off energy that is usually lost in naturally aspirated engines and exhaust engines (supercharged engines) so the recovery of this energy is what leads to the improved efficiency of the engine. A Chrysler turbo allows for more power relative to the size of the engine. So a smaller turbo engine will produce more power than a bigger car with no turbocharged engine. The last advantage of having a Chrysler turbocharged engine is that you will get better fuel economy. Since the smaller engine is using less fuel when the car is not moving and has less rotational and reciprocating mass, fuel economy is improved.

But Chrysler turbochargers can also have disadvantages you should take into consideration when choosing your turbocharger engine. One of the main disadvantages is having turbo lag where it takes time to spool up and provide the boost you need, this is more common in larger turbochargers. Turbochargers also do not typically operate across a wide RPM range, as superchargers are capable of doing which leads to a decreased boost threshold. Another disadvantage is reaching a boost threshold that provides an immediate surge in power leading to compromised tire traction or causing instability in your Chrysler. The last disadvantage is the amount of oil Chrysler turbochargers need. Since they get very hot they often tap into the engine’s oil supply so extra parts will need to be installed in your Chrysler to accommodate this. This is more demanding on your engine oil so you need to make sure you keep your oil levels maintained.

So now that we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having a Chrysler turbocharged engine you can know what to expect when you install your Chrysler replacement turbocharger. Please keep in mind that we do not sell turbocharger add-on kits, and our turbochargers are designed for a direct swap of factory-installed turbos. We are here to help with the lowest prices on Chrysler replacement turbochargers so you can get on your way to have more horsepower and increase your fuel economy. Contact us today so our knowledgeable customer service can you help you pick out the right turbocharger! All of our turbochargers are guaranteed to fit and come with a one-year warranty.