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Jeep Turbocharger by Model


You want to get your Jeep turbocharger replaced to give it more power for when you take it out to the desert. But you are not sure where to find a high-quality replacement Jeep Turbocharger. But you are anxious to get started on this project and need to pick the best option. You also need to know what signs to look for in case your turbocharger was to malfunction and what your best Jeep replacement turbocharger would be. So let us go ahead and take a look at Jeep turbocharger parts, the function of a turbocharger and some differences between a Jeep turbocharger and a supercharger are.

The Jeep turbocharger consists of three components. They are the turbine, the compressor and the center housing/ rotating assembly. The turbine works by converting heat and pressure into rotational force. The compressor in the turbocharger is made up of a compressor wheel and cover. It is connected to the turbine wheel by a turbine shaft and its job is to compress fresh air and send it to the throttle body. The center housing/rotation assembly, also known as CHRA, is a very critical part of the whole turbocharger assembly. The CHRA holds the housing together and supports and lubricates the turbochargers bearings. The bearings can reach shaft speeds exceeding 100,000 rpm so the bearings must be able to handle these shaft speeds. These three components are the Jeep turbocharger parts.

So how does a Jeep turbocharger works? The main purpose of a Jeep turbocharger is to use exhaust gas in order to rotate the turbine we talked about above. The turbine is pressurized by the compressor, thereby allowing intake of air for combustion. This is ideal because it will increase fuel and spark, which then supplies more power because the higher amount of air is being matched. The exhaust gas allows for gas to spindle with the Jeep turbocharger. So a Jeep turbocharger will give you more power while also saving you fuel and making your whole turbocharger system more efficient.

A Jeep turbocharger is advantageous because you will definitely get an increase in horsepower, which will lead to better fuel economy. You will get the better fuel economy because the smaller engine that is the turbocharger will use less fuel when not active and it will have less rotational and reciprocating mass. The size of the turbocharger is also an advantage. Since the turbocharger engine is smaller it produces more power relative to its size and also allow for more engine displacement. Your Jeep turbocharger will also be more efficient since it is run off energy that usually gets lost in aspirated and supercharged engines. The recovery of this energy is what will give you that overall efficiency. Superchargers on the other hand tend to be less efficient because they suck engine power to produce more engine power. Superchargers are also less reliable due to being exposed to higher pressure and temperature, which can affect how long your engine functions.

So whatever your Jeep turbocharger needs are contact us today for the best prices on Jeep turbochargers so you can get your Jeep Turbocharged as soon as possible!