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Did you know that all Subaru cars come with symmetrical all-wheel drive (AWD)? This is one of the brand’s most popular features and one of the things they are most known for. This type of symmetrical AWD gives the Subaru vehicle better balance, traction and control. Since you always want to make sure the AWD is working at its best you will need to make sure your suspension system is well maintained. An important part of your suspension system that we will be focusing on is the Subaru strut assembly. We are going to find out what exactly a strut does, the importance of having a strut and how they can become damaged.

In vehicles you will either have a shock or a strut. In some cases the front of the vehicle may have a strut and the back a shock. So you will want to be informed of what kind of Subaru shocks and struts you have installed. The main function of the strut is to absorb the compression that occurs when driving in order to reduce heavy bouncing and reduce the feel of bumps for you inside the car. Like we mentioned before, either shocks or struts are used. Typically your Subaru strut assembly will be combined with shock absorbers for a stronger system.

A Subaru strut assembly is important because it has many functions for your suspension system that contribute to the smoothness of your drive. You don’t want to be bouncing around your Subaru as if you were riding a horse. Besides reducing the bounce when driving, your Subaru strut assembly will be important in stabilizing the suspension system, maintaining a stable ride free of a harsh, erratic movements, reducing stress on the frame of your vehicle, and lastly contributing to proper wheel alignment.

The Subaru struts can get damaged in a few ways. The first way is over time with the wear and tear of the vehicle. The more mileage your Subaru has the more the Subaru struts get used and are exposed to different types of road conditions that will contribute to this wear and tear. Another way struts get damaged is when they are exposed to harsh road conditions such as going over too many potholes or bumps or hitting the curb. Since your Subaru strut has to absorb more of the compression when this happens it eventually wears them down. Lastly, it is recommend that you get your Subaru struts replaced anywhere from 50,000-80,000 miles depending on your ride quality.

As you can see, your Subaru strut is an important part of your suspension system that contributes to a better ride but also helps maintain your wheel alignment. Since your Subaru struts work so much, make sure you get them replaced when you notice they are damaged. If they are not replaced you may be doing more damage to your suspension system which will ultimately lead to more repair costs for you. Contacts us today for a guaranteed to fit Subaru strut assembly at a low price and with a one- year warranty.