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Control arms aren't something you normally ponder. It's something we take for granted, especially because it is a part of the car that it needs to function as it should. Many people don't even know what it is and aren't aware of the existence of control arms, which are also known as A-arms. They only recognize they exist when they're told they need to replace them. They play a valuable role in the car's handling and ride quality, making a drive enjoyable and fun.

If you need an Audi Control Arm for your compact A3, sedan A4, Q7 SUV, or any Audi, you've come to the right place. We also have struts, shocks, turbochargers and just about every other car part for almost every model ever made. Our Audi Replacement Control Arms are designed with quality and reliability in mind, and only the best materials were used when building the parts. They fit just like an OEM part would, as they have the same specifications. They are an upgrade as much as they are just a replacement. The Buyer's guide on our site is extremely helpful for choosing your correct car part.

Control arms combine to form the letter A. That's also the reason they're known as an A-arm. Cars have more than one control arm usually. Control arms are divided into multiple categories. Two, to be exact. Upper control arms and lower control arms. The control arm's job is to connect the chassis with the suspension components. They also connect the wheel’s movements to the body of the car. Just like any other car part, they are made from metal, and need proper maintenance once in a while. Make sure to keep them lubricated for a long lasting effect.

The car's suspension employs a control arm to connect to the frame. Bushings and ball joints are the main method of connection, and they are used where needed. Obviously there should be no movement where it connects to the chassis, so a bushing is used there. And in the same way, because movement is required on the other end, a ball joint has to be used. A crack or bent control arm will need replacing just like a normally used one would, and when replacing one it's recommended to replace both. That is why we sell an Audi Control Arm Set, an affordable way of replacing both, giving you comfort in the knowledge that they will last a long time. View the How-to section on our site for more information on how to install parts.

Audi is a German manufacturer based in Ingolstadt. The VW holding group is its rightful owner, and Audi shares parts, engines, and platforms with sister companies like VW, Skoda, and even high performance and luxury brands from the group like Bentley, Porsche, and Lamborghini. The company's name is a Latin translation of its founder’s name, August Horch. "Horch" is Audi when translated to Latin, which means to listen in English. The company's very famous subsidiary Quattro GmbH produces their known S and RS models, sold under Audi's license. The most famous performance car from Audi, the R8, is developed inside Quattro.

Hopefully you should be able to choose an Audi Control Arm with all of this information. However, if there's something still unclear to you, Contact Us without hesitation.