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Manual Steering Gear Box

Manual Steering Gear Box

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Manual Steering Gear Box

Manual Steering Gear Box

Manual Steering Gear Box

Manual Steering Gear Box

As simple as the steering wheel appears-it's actually more complicated than most of us realize. With the help of your steering gear box, the circular motion of the steering wheel is converted into the linear movement needed to propel the front wheels. What's typically referred to as a gear box is actually the combination of a steering box and steering gear. These two components are absolutely vital to the proper functioning of the vehicle's steering system; combined, the steering box and gear, allow you to easily maneuver the vehicle to take a turn or to change lanes. Provided the significance of its function, this component needs the durability to make certain that they're able to withstand the regular wear and tear. For this reason, the most reliable gears are made from premium materials to prevent them from deteriorating quickly. Aside from being built tough, the steering box is also designed to match most vehicle makes and models.

The steering gear box plays a huge role in ensuring that your vehicle's steering system operates smoothly when you are on the road. So if you are looking for a suitable replacement for your component, has a full line of products in store for you.

The most common manual steering box designs are the "rack and pinion" and "worm gear" varieties. Both of them use gears to transfer the rotation of the steering wheel into motion for the two front wheels as you steer left and right. Rack and pinion systems are the simpler of the two designs and have been used in automobiles since its invention. The worm gearbox drive mechanism operates in a similar way but also has the unique advantage of being built from tougher components.

If you're driving a newer car, it'll probably have power steering, which works by using a small hydraulic pump that builds up fluid pressure that is used to help turn the car's front wheels. It's highly recommended that you review your vehicle manual to discern the type of gearbox your car needs. It's best to stick with what your vehicle recommends, whether it is rack and pinion or a worm gear, however adding power steering is also an option should you want to upgrade.

Gearbox Repairs

Gearboxes are typically made from very sturdy materials, and it takes a while for gearbox repairs to be necessary. It's best to opt for an exact OEM replacement of your stock steering box, these are made according to the exact specifications of your vehicle's make and model.

Unless you're participating in motorsports or local racing events, it is unlikely that you will need a higher end or performance model. Standard models can go for as low as $100, and as high as $1500 for high end designs.

What matters most is that you get a compatible aftermarket steering box from a brand that is known for making highly durable parts and is reputable. Be sure to check out for the parts and how-to videos for all your DIY automotive needs!