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Shock and Strut Set

Shock and Strut Set

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Shock and Strut Set

Shock and Strut Set

Shock and Strut Set

Shock and Strut Set

Your car shocks and struts are integral to a smooth and safe ride. Your vehicle's suspension system serves two main functions-namely, the management of on-road holding and handling, and the safety of your vehicle as it maneuvers on the road. Shock and struts are designed to maximize driver and passenger comfort while minimizing the harshness of bumps, vibrations and noise. Shocks and struts are vital components of your vehicle's suspension system and their wear has a tremendous impact on the safety of your vehicle. Worn car shocks and struts affect how your wheels touch the road and can cause dangerous swaying, hydroplaning, deteriorated performance while also compromising road handling and holding.

The useful life of a shock or strut is roughly 50,000 miles. In that time, it's estimated that your vehicle's shocks and struts will have cycled over 80 million times. Such a high turnover rate can cause wear and tear on the internal components of your shocks and struts. If your vehicle's mileage exceeds 50k, it might be time to consider replacing your suspension-older or damaged suspension components may diminish the stability and safety of the vehicle while reducing driver control.

Signs of worn shocks and struts can include the front end of your vehicle dipping when braking, the rear end of your vehicle buckling upon acceleration, swaying on turns, a crooked steering wheel, uneven tire wear and other less noticeable signs. It is important to know shocks and struts do not always show visible signs of damage or wearing.

Independent testing demonstrates that by replacing your shocks and struts could improve stopping distance by up to 10 feet. Some shops offers shock and strut replacement services designed to restore your vehicle's suspension system to factory specifications. New shocks and struts not only provide an improved ride but also ensure that your commute is safer and more comfortable. There's nothing quite as annoying as a choppy ride!

Shocks and Struts Replacement

It's advised that shock absorber replacement be done in pairs, front and/or rear. The first step however is determining what kind of shocks and struts replacement is suitable for your vehicle. The best shocks and struts will do exactly what your driving routine requires, though 'best' is always a relative term. In practice however, there are only two choices for those replacing a shock and strut assembly: the original, OEM, equipment installed by the manufacturer or an aftermarket replacement. If you're only in need of something that works and don't know the first thing about car shocks and struts, the first choice likely suits you best-it might also be better for you to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic.

However you go about handling your shocks and struts replacement, always make sure the parts selected will match up with your vehicle's make, model and year-this is definitely not a one size fits all deal. Visit the BuyAutoParts.com for instructional videos and plenty of other resources for your vehicle repair needs.