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If you have ever been to Munich, Germany you may have seen the BMW headquarters building. It’s quite a hard building to miss. This building was built in the 1960’s and it was designed to look like the four cylinder engine that BMW is proud of. But you didn’t buy your BMW 5 series F10 just because of the shape of their building. You bought it because you know it’s a luxury car that is designed to perform well and be reliable. The part of your BMW that we are going to focus on today is the BMW fuel pump, a part of your BMW fuel system.

Your BMW fuel pump has three purposes:

  • Filter the fuel in a gas tank to prevent any debris from getting into the fuel pump
  • Pump gas from the gas tank to the carburetor or fuel injection system
  • Send information to the instrument cluster for the fuel level gauge

So as you can see it is an integral part of getting gas to the engine so you can imagine what happens when a BMW fuel pump malfunctions. We are going to go overt the two types of fuel pumps. They are the mechanical BMW fuel pump and the electric BMW fuel pump.

The mechanical BMW fuel pump assembly was what the majority of vehicles used to be equipped with. They operated through a system that runs off the rotation of the engine itself. The mechanical fuel pump resembles a diaphragm. It uses the pumping action of that diaphragm shape to create low pressure and transport fuel from the gas tank to the carburetor. This action was similar to that of a piston. These mechanical fuel pumps are located on a mount outside the fuel tank and are more likely to malfunction than electronic fuel pumps. The most common malfunction of these is when the diaphragm inside the pump splits, disturbing the pressure balance of the pump. The other cause for malfunction is high heat created from both the engine and air outside turning the fuel to vapor. The pump can’t operate this way because it designed to only handle liquid.

The electronic BMW fuel pump assembly is what is used in modern cars because manufacturers moved to a direct injection system instead of using a carburetor. While the mechanical pump worked for the carburetor it does not work for a direct injection system. Electronic BMW fuel pumps are located inside the gas tank to deliver fuel to the engine. Electronic fuel pumps work by spraying a fine mist of fuel inside the engine’s chambers and are operated through a computer control system rather than a mechanical one. Due to this, problems with the fuel pump and the computer can lead to a malfunctioning electronic fuel pump.

When your BMW needs a BMW replacement fuel pump make sure you contact us. We have low prices and all kinds of BMW replacement fuel pumps to meet your needs. All of our BMW fuel pumps are guaranteed to fit so your BMW fuel system can function just like it needs to.

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