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The Ultimate Driving Machine is a Turbocharged BMW

Creating “The ultimate driving machine” is BMW’s claim to fame. BMW staked its reputation on naturally aspirated inline 6-cylinder engines during the 80s and 90s. These engines were more than adequate for their time and place, but in the here and now BMW turned to turbochargers to boost the power output of their engines.

Turbochargers were invented to increase the power output and efficiency of all engines. They were originally used on large marine engines, then came to be known as “altitude compensators” on aircraft engines.

1 Series M  Turbocharger 135i  Turbocharger 228i  Turbocharger
228i xDrive  Turbocharger 320i  Turbocharger 320i xDrive  Turbocharger
328  Turbocharger 328d  Turbocharger 328d xDrive  Turbocharger
328i  Turbocharger 328i GT xDrive  Turbocharger 328i xDrive  Turbocharger
335d  Turbocharger 335i  Turbocharger 335i GT xDrive  Turbocharger
335i xDrive  Turbocharger 335is  Turbocharger 335xi  Turbocharger
428i  Turbocharger 428i Gran Coupe  Turbocharger 428i xDrive  Turbocharger
428i xDrive Gran Coupe  Turbocharger 435i  Turbocharger 435i Gran Coupe  Turbocharger
435i xDrive  Turbocharger 435i xDrive Gran Coupe  Turbocharger 528  Turbocharger
528i xDrive  Turbocharger 535i  Turbocharger 535i GT  Turbocharger
535i GT xDrive  Turbocharger 535i xDrive  Turbocharger 535xi  Turbocharger
550  Turbocharger 640i  Turbocharger 640i xDrive  Turbocharger
640i xDrive Gran Coupe  Turbocharger 650i  Turbocharger 650i Gran Coupe  Turbocharger
650i xDrive  Turbocharger 650i xDrive Gran Coupe  Turbocharger 740  Turbocharger
750  Turbocharger 750i xDrive  Turbocharger 750Li  Turbocharger
750Li xDrive  Turbocharger ActiveHybrid 5  Turbocharger ActiveHybrid 7  Turbocharger
Alpina B6  Turbocharger Alpina B7  Turbocharger Alpina B7L  Turbocharger
M235i  Turbocharger M235i xDrive  Turbocharger M3  Turbocharger
M4  Turbocharger M5  Turbocharger M6  Turbocharger
X1  Turbocharger X3  Turbocharger X4  Turbocharger
X5  Turbocharger X6  Turbocharger Z4  Turbocharger

For all of the power gains turbochargers allow, they also come with a few drawbacks. Turbos tend to break. They spin upwards of 150,000 RPMs during normal use. Even when you’re not driving fast, your BMW’s turbocharger is racing like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby.

If you’ve recently experienced a loss of power or a trouble code (check engine light) in your late-model BMW, a failing turbocharger is likely to be the cause of the problem.

Replacement turbochargers for your BMW are available from BuyAutoParts.com. Depending on your mechanical skill level, you may be able to buy the parts and perform the repair yourself. When in doubt, call a local auto repair shop. BMWs are easy enough to work on yourself assuming you have the right tools. If you don’t have the tools, or the know-how, you’re better off calling a local shop that specializes in BMW repair.

Assuming you have the tools and the know-how, BuyAutoParts.com has the parts and expertise you need to get the job right on your first attempt.

To order a new, replacement turbo for your BMW, start with the year, make, and model of your vehicle here at BuyAutoParts.com. We have BMW turbochargers for sale around the clock. Simply choose the parts you need from our vast selection of aftermarket parts.




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