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 Cadillac  Wheel Hub Assembly
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American automaker Cadillac is the second oldest automaker in the United States after General Motors, but there is some debate about who is actually older. Apart from being a luxury automaker, they were also pioneers for advancing the V8 engine so common among American car companies. You take care of your Cadillac because you want to make sure it functions correctly. In this article we will take a look at your Cadillac wheel bearing and hub assembly.

The Cadillac wheel bearing has three different types. They are the ball bearings, straight roller bearings, and tapered roller bearings. Ball bearings aren’t common in vehicles and are used for lighter duty applications such as skateboards or household machinery. Straight roller bearings are cylindrically shaped with a constant diameter across their entire length. Since their shape does not allow them to handle heavy thrust loads they are used in tight spaces like the gearbox. Tapered roller bearings are tapered to one side but they appear to have a sort of cylindrical shape. These are inside bearing assemblies that are cone-shaped which allow them to handle heavy amounts of thrust loads, extreme shocks, and radial pressure.

The Cadillac wheel hub assembly is a cast piece of metal that your Cadillac’s wheels will mount to and where your wheel bearing assembly will be placed. It is part of your vehicles suspension system. Your Cadillac wheel bearing will fit inside the center of the wheel hub in order to allow free rotation around an axle shaft or spindle. Sometimes the wheel hub bearing assemblies will be constructed with internal bearings that cannot be replaced separately. So if damage occurs to the wheel bearings the whole Cadillac wheel hub assembly must be replaced.

The Cadillac wheel bearings have two important jobs. They need to allow the wheels to rotate with minimal effort and also support the vehicles weight. Since a lot of weight is being put on the wheel bearings they need to be in perfect condition so that they can actually hold the wheels. While wheel bearings are made to last for 150,000 miles or more if there is leakage, maladjustment or contamination they can get damaged. Leaking is bad for wheel bearings because not only is oil lost but also contamination such as water or dirt can get into the bearing damaging it further. Water can cause rust inside the bearing and contaminate the grease the wheel bearing uses.

So if your Cadillac wheel bearing and hub assembly is starting to make a growling, rumbling noise it may be a sign that something is wrong and you could need a replacement. When that time comes for your Cadillac count on us to provide you with a high quality Cadillac wheel hub assembly and Cadillac wheel bearings. So make sure to contact us so we can help you pick the correct Cadillac wheel bearing and hub assembly.

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