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It is a hot summer day in your hometown of Savannah and you are stuck with no air conditioning in your Chevrolet. Your air conditioner broke a few months before summer started so you were fine and it was bearable but now a month into summer and the heat is a lot for you to stand. You know that your Chevrolet A/C condenser is broken but you have been putting it off until you felt it was necessary to get it fixed. Well now is the time! So let us go ahead and take a look at the components of your air conditioning system, what a Chevrolet air conditioning condenser does, and causes for why it could break.

Your Chevrolet air conditioning is made up of five components. They are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, and a drier or accumulator. These five main parts all work together to cool down your passenger cabin. Since it is a complex system with all these intertwining parts it can be costly to repair. Repairs should be done as soon as possible so that further damage is not done to other parts of your AC system. The whole air conditioning process starts with the compressor taking refrigerant (in gas form) and pressurizing it so it will cool the air. The compressor is run by an engine belt and has a clutch to turn it on or off.

After this refrigerant passes through the compressor it will get sent to your Chevrolet A/C condenser. Here the Chevrolet condenser has a similar function to a radiator but on a smaller scale. It is usually mounted in the front of the car next to or in front of your Chevrolet’s radiator. They are typically made of aluminum but older cars could have copper or brass ones. The main job of the Chevrolet AC condenser is to release the heat that was absorbed by the refrigerant when it was passing through the evaporator. This refrigerant will come into the Chevrolet air conditioning condenser as a high-pressure vapor. It then flows throughout the Chevrolet condenser and turns back into a cooler high-pressure liquid. This high-pressure liquid then gets sent to the evaporator where the liquid is cooled down through the tubes, forcing air by making it cold. Once it gets warmed up again it turns back into gas to start the process over.

Now you want to make sure your Chevrolet condenser is always running properly so your whole AC system works. Chevrolet AC condensers are likely to sustain external blockage from things on the road like leaves, dirt, debris, or dust among other things. Due to this you want to make sure that you clean out your Chevrolet A/C condenser. You could do so with soap and water and a soft bristle brush to make sure no debris get stuck in there. Another way your Chevrolet condenser can get damaged is from the AC compressor failing and blocking it internally with metal bits or other debris.

So now that you know more about Chevrolet AC condensers you can go ahead and contact us for the guaranteed to fit Chevrolet A/C condenser that your Tahoe needs. We have a one- warranty and free shipping!

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