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Chrysler is one of the big three American automotive companies. The company was first established in 1925 by Walter Chrysler out of what remained from his Maxwell Motor Company. In the 1960’s Chrysler expanded into Europe. Then in 1998 Chrysler merged with German automaker Daimler-Benz AG to form DaimlerChrysler. The merger did not work well though and in 2007 the company was sold to a private equity firm and renamed Chrysler LLC. But Chrysler’s woes did not end there as it was hit hard by the automotive crisis of 2008-2010 and had to file bankruptcy. With participation in the government bailout Chrysler managed to get out of bankruptcy and emerged with new owners: Auto Workers Pension fund, Fiat and the US and Canadian governments. In 2014, Fiat acquired Chrysler and they came to be known as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Your Chrysler has a long history and because of this you know it is a car you can trust to work well. But sometimes your car parts just will not be the same. One of these parts is your Chrysler shock and strut kit.

Before I go any further I want to take a moment to explain what your Chrysler’s shocks and struts do. Your Chrysler shock is its defense against cracked pavement, bumpy roads, and any uneven terrain. Your Chrysler shocks do not support the weight of your vehicle. Their main function is to slow down and reduce the vibrations of the road by a process known as dampening. It is almost like an oil pump located between the frame of the car and the wheels. The main components of your Chrysler shocks are a piston, a coil, and hydraulic fluid.

Now let’s talk about the function of your Chrysler struts. Your struts integrate numerous suspension parts; this includes your Chrysler shocks, into one assembly. Other parts included into this assembly are the coil spring, the spring seats, the strut bearing, and the steering knuckle. In a sense your Chrysler struts are an advanced shock absorber. The strut is mounted directly to your Chrysler on one end and on the other end it is attached to the vehicles suspension. The struts connect the upper bearing to the lower ball joint so that the entire assembly can pivot when your vehicle is turned in any direction.

Since your Chrysler shock and struts are important to the function of your Chrysler it is important to replace them with the proper replacement shocks and struts when it comes time for it. Some signs that may indicate you need a replacement Chrysler shock and strut kit are going to be related to the braking and handling of your vehicle in motion. If your car is very bouncy or is very stiff then it is suffering from inadequate shock and strut support. If your car has trouble taking tight corners and sways during turns the suspension component may be worn down.

If you see your Chrysler showing any of the above signs then you need to look into getting a Chrysler shock and strut kit. Remember that the function of your shocks and struts will help maintain and preserve the function of your Chrysler. So make sure to contact us for guaranteed fit replacement shock and struts. We have a one-year warranty and offer low prices for your Chrysler shock and strut kit. /p>

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