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Ford brake pads are part of the disc brakes. They are steel backing plates with friction material mounted to the surface of the faces the brake rotor. A brake pad set is used because there is a brake pad on each site of the rotor .The function of Ford brake pads is to change the kinetic of moving energy to heat or thermal energy by friction. The two brake pads found on each site of the discs, are contained in the brake caliper while the pad’s friction surface faces the rotor.

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When force is applied to the caliper, it squeezes the two pads together into the spinning rotor and this motion slows down the disc and the car. This process of the Ford brakes getting in close contact with the rotor causes the brake pad sets to heat and a small amount of friction material is transferred to the disc, causing a dull grey discoloration. With both the brake pads and disc coated with friction material, they stick together and this friction helps stop the vehicle.

The caliper holds in place the brake pad set and brings the braking process in action. The rotor is mounted to the bub or suspension. Worn brakes have a way of warning you that they need to be serviced or replaced. In many cases, depending on the driving conditions, the brake pads need to be replaced between 20,000 and 40,000 miles. Because there are two Ford brake pads per disc rotor, you need to replace the brake pad set when the brake pads are worn. When replacing the brake pad set, always remember to bleed your brakes to prevent air from getting in the system.

However, you need to look at the left and right brakes as a whole. If the rear left set is worn, the rear right set will also have to be replaced soon. Therefore, replacing brake pad sets will save you on time, labor and money. Be sure to purchase Ford brakes from us online. You will see that our spares are sold at the best prices and you have a 30-day return policy. For your convenience, most orders are shipped the same day and you can track your order online. Why wait when you can get the best service and price on one of the largest auto parts websites in the world.


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