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 Honda  Power Steering Rack
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You have had your Honda for ten years now and it has never failed you, that is, until yesterday. Yesterday was one of the coldest mornings yet and you had some trouble getting out of your warm bed but you managed to get up. On your way to work you noticed your steering wheel was a little stiff but thought nothing of it and just assumed it had something to do with the coldness. But you were wrong. As you arrive to work and are getting ready to pull into the same parking spot as always, your steering wheel stiffens up and you cannot move it. Next thing you know you have hit the car next to you on its bumper. You are visibly shocked and now also stressed out because you just hit another car. Fortunately for you the damage to both cars was very minor but you still need to get your car fixed because you most likely have a Honda steering rack that needs to be replaced.

Your Honda has a Honda power steering like the majority of modern cars do. The other type of steering rack available is the Honda manual steering rack. A Honda manual steering rack will make your car lighter and give you more manual control of the car but the car will also be harder to steer because there is no power assistance to help you turn the steering wheel when you are turning or switching lanes. Most Honda manual steering racks will be found in older cars or in race cars that have been modified since they need to be lighter and the drivers want more feel of the car.

The Honda power steering rack will either be hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or electric. Today most cars are electric. In a hydraulic power steering rack the hydraulic pressure comes from a gerotor or rotary vane pump driven by the Honda’s engine. A double- acting hydraulic cylinder applies force to the steering gear, which turns the wheels. The steering wheel operates valves to control flow to the cylinder. The more torque the driver applies to the steering wheel and column, the more fluid the valves allow through to the cylinder applying more force to steer the wheels.

In an electric Honda power steering rack an electric motor is used to assist the driver of the car. Sensors throughout the car detect the position and torque of the steering column, and a computer module applies assist torque via the motor, which connects to either the steering gear or column. This allows for varying amounts of assistance to be applied depending on what kind of driving conditions your Honda is going through.

So as you can see it is important to have your Honda steering racks in working condition so you won’t get into any more accidents. We have all your Honda replacement steering rack needs. Whether you want a Honda manual steering rack or a Honda power steering rack we have it all. So contact us today for our low prices on your Honda replacement steering rack.

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