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 Honda  Wheel Hub Assembly
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Your trusted Honda has traveled many road trips with you and never let you down. You maintain it well and it keeps running despite having close to 100,000 miles on it. On your last road trip there was a lot of rain and some of the roads were flooded on the way back. Since there was nowhere to stop you decided to drive through hubcap deep water with your Honda. Now you are noticing a small rumbling noise coming from your wheel area. You most likely have a problem with your Honda wheel bearing and hub assembly. This is because water may have gotten into your wheel bearings and contaminated them. In this article we will take a look at what a Honda wheel bearing and hub assembly does for your vehicle and the different types of Honda wheel bearings you can have.

The Honda wheel bearing and hub assembly is part of your Honda’s suspension system. It has two very important jobs to perform. The first is to allow your Honda’s wheels to rotate with ease and minimal function. The second is to support the weight of your Honda. Each set of Honda wheel bearings both in the front and rear support different amounts that are distrusted among the wheel bearings to aid in this weight support.

Your Honda wheel bearing will fit inside the center of the Honda wheel hub assembly. This is to allow for free rotation around the axle shaft. The Honda wheel assembly is a forged or cast piece of metal where your wheels will mount. It is typically found between the brake drums and the drive axle. Now your wheel bearings also have other components as well. These will include the race, the bearing cage, bearing seal, bearing grease, and the bearing grease packer. Honda wheel bearings in the front and rear are different so when replacing them you have to make sure to get the correct ones.

In the front Honda wheel hub assembly the Honda wheel bearing used is a tapered style one since the weight of the Honda is distributed more heavily up front and forces produced when the wheels turn can be more severe. In a Honda rear wheel hub assembly straight roller bearings will usually be used. Straight roller bearings are cylindrical shaped and have a constant diameter across the entire length of the bearing. Since straight lined loads are spread out evenly across a wider range of contact these bearings are good for heavy-use applications.

You want to make sure that you get your Honda wheel bearing and hub assembly replaced as soon as possible. It is a vital component in your suspension system that allows your wheels to move the way you direct them. The longer you wait to replace them the more damage that can be caused to your wheel bearing and hub assembly. Contact us today for your Honda wheel hub assembly and Honda wheel bearings. Our friendly customer service will help you find the lowest prices and the Honda wheel bearing and hub assembly that will be guaranteed to fit.

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