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Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer that is owned by Fiat. It was established in 1914 at Bologna. The Maserati brothers had been involved with the production of race-cars for Diatto, an Italian automaker. After Diatto suspended the production of race-cars, the brothers built their first race-car in 1926. The company having suspended auto manufacturing during the war, returned to the auto-market with the release of the Maserati A6. The 1950s saw the release of the 250F, a racing car. This was followed by the Birdcage in 1959. Maserati began to focus on road-cars in the late 50s. The 3500, a 2+2 coupe was released in 1957. The Sebring, a coupe, followed in 1962. The Mistral replaced the 3500 GT in 1964.

The brand's first four-door was the Quattroporte, released in 1963. Citroen bought the company in 1968. Following the takeover, Maserati released the Indy, a grand turismo in 1969. This was followed by the mid-engined Bora, which was the company's first mass-produced vehicle. The 1973 oil crisis stalled the company's expansion efforts and in 1975, the company was bought by Alejandro de Tomaso. Under Tomaso's management, the brand rolled out the Kyalami in 1976 and the Spyder in 1984. In 1993, the company was acquired by Fiat and this was followed by the launch of the 3200 GT luxury coupe in 1998. The GranCabrio, a convertible variant of the GranTurismo was released in 2009. Other popular models of the brand include the GranSport and the Quattro.

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