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The Mazda Control Arm in your car connects the car’s chassis to the front suspension. This is most commonly found only on the front of a vehicle, specifically the front suspension, as it is very rare to see control arms used on back suspension. When searching for a new control arm, the problem in most cases is an old broken one, or one that has been worn out.

We sell only products with top quality. This is further proven by our one year warranty on every part we offer. Fitment should not be an issue or a question, as everything we sell is per OEM specs, meaning nothing will need custom modifications in order to fit. In addition to having some of the best products available, we also have some of the most affordable ones too. Nowhere else will you find a Mazda Control Arm at such an incredibly low price.

When replacing a control arm its best to replace them all. This is why we offer a Mazda Control Arm Set, so that any issues that could have surfaced later on with a specific control arm are eliminated before they arise. As well as a set, we also have individual bushings and ball bearings, but it’s best to replace them along with everything instead of buying them separately, expect in cases where just those parts are worn out and need replacing.

Control arms are also called A-arms due to their shape and the way they look when mounted on the car. This crucial car part gives the car most of its ride quality and comfort, while keeping the car stable even at high speeds. We also sell car shock absorbers and struts, so if you were in the market for those as well you can find them in our shop. Try the Guide featured on our site for help on specific car parts for your vehicle.

Mazda was founded in Hiroshima, Japan way back in early 1900’s. It was founded as a company under a different name but eventually evolved into the one we know today. The company’s name origin is quite interesting. The backbone of the word Mazda comes from “Ahura Mazda”, which means a god of light and wisdom, but it also has something to do with the company founder’s last name, Jujiro Matsuda. Read more about Mazda and their products here.

Mazda is a big name in the car world. It produces everything from small city compact cars like the Mazda 3, and light SUVs like the CX-5, to roadsters like the MX-5 and RX-8. It was also one of the first companies to start using Wankel engines. The concept of rotary engines had been invented long before Mazda, but they were the first one to use it on their high-performance cars with high output. And they did this with great success, especially with the RX-7, which is sought after to this very day.

Lots of information about changing parts and installing them can be found here, with helpful videos available for almost every part. With all of the information mentioned above, choosing a Mazda Control Arm should be a walk in the park for you now, and changing it shouldn’t prove difficult too with the how-to section.

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