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Volkswagen Jetta Parts

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We ship from multiple warehouses across the country, so you get your part as soon as possible.
Industry Leading Warranty
Free, one year (or more), unlimited mileage warranty. Covers everything; parts and shipping costs.
Easy Returns
Return for any reason within 60 days for a full refund.
guaranteed exact fit
We've reviewed over 1,000,000 fitments to guarantee exact fit.

Volkswagen Jetta Parts


Be it black, gray, white or red, your Volkswagen Jetta will always strike a sleek and fashionable figure wherever you go. With a sporty design and luxurious feel that, according to Volkswagen, is characteristic of a jetliner, your car is bound to be your neighbors' envy. It would definitely be distressing if any of your Jetta's parts begin to exhibit symptoms of trouble. The next thing you need to do is rush your Jetta to the nearest mechanic, or if you are the DIY type, it's time to bring out that toolbox and get to work. In all likelihood, the rogue part that's behind all your problems will need a replacement. And that's where we come in. With an inventory that has top-notch replacement Jetta parts, you will find everything you need when you shop on our website.

Your compact Jetta is an asset to you and knowing a little more about it can be interesting. The Jetta was first unveiled at the 1979 Frankfurt Auto Show and its production started in August of the same year. The Volkswagen Jetta was initially offered in 2-door and 4-door sedan body styles. It had a 4-speed/5-speed manual and 3-speed automatic transmission. The car incorporated an l4 engine. The overwhelming response to the Jetta led to the production of further generations with Volkswagen currently rolling out its sixth generation. Today, the Jetta is also available in a 5-door station wagon body style.

The CitySTROMER, an electric version of the Jetta, the Bora HyMotion, and the Bora Electric, are some of the environment-friendly variants of this model. Over the years, Jetta vehicles have been marketed under different names such as the Voyage, Sagitar and Vento. We luckily have parts for almost all of them. Since our parts have undergone rigorous testing and quality-control procedures, you can be assured that our parts will fit your Jetta seamlessly.

Volkswagen, founded in 1949, is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen cars have always been known to provide the perfect balance between luxury and a high-caliber performance. The brand doesn't cut any corners in any of its newest technologies, as well. Volkswagen strives hard to improve the safety of its customers by developing the Automatic Distance Control (ACC) and the Front Assist ambient traffic monitoring systems. The Jetta was one of the first few vehicles to incorporate passive restraint systems. Volkswagen continues to develop technologies that can enhance and improve the driving experience for their customers. Volkswagen's dedication and innovations are what makes them a major player in the automotive industry.

While talking about Volkswagen, we can never go without talking about the “Beetle”. This iconic model from Volkswagen still holds a nostalgic spot in pop culture - whether it was Herbie, the little car that won hearts all over the world, or the Bug in the background on Abbey Road as the Beatles traipsed past. The “Beetle” was essentially what made Volkswagen a household name across the world. Other notable models of Volkswagen include the Golf, Passat and Cabriolet. Volkswagen is also one of the few automakers that manufactures trucks and races them in events.

An interesting fact about Volkswagen is that a number of its cars are named after wind patterns! For example, the Jetta is named for the jet-stream, a strong sub-tropical wind. Other such models include the Scirocco, Bora and Vento. Though the brand is generally known for its upscale, luxury cars, it also produces mainstream cars at affordable prices. This makes Volkswagen a universally-acclaimed brand. The line of Volkswagen vehicles includes everything from sedans and coupes to trucks.

While your Jetta can run smoothly for a long time, normal wear and tear can cause its parts to go bad. When problems are not attended to at their initial stages, they can wreak havoc on the entire system, resulting in costly repairs. We recommend that you give your Jetta a thorough check regularly, at least once every 6 months to a year. You can find repair and maintenance procedures for your car in our how-to section. With proper maintenance and regular servicing, the cost of what you spend on your car will definitely be less than what you will spend on repairing the parts. For instance, one part that requires regular checks is your Jetta's headlight assembly, a vital part that ensures your safety while driving at night and during foggy conditions. It is often recommended that you replace your headlight assemblies in pairs.

It doesn't matter if you are looking to fix your hazy headlights or replace your damaged catalytic converter you can find the replacement auto part for your Jetta in our catalog. We would be happy to help you bring your car back to its original performance. We know that your Jetta only deserves the very best, since it serves a very noble purpose of getting you wherever you want to.