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The brakes on your vehicle are without a doubt the most important safety feature on it. Yet this is a part that is often overlooked for when it comes to car maintenance. Why? Maybe we think they will not fail even though they make loud screeching noises every time we brake. Maybe we do not know how to get them checked out or if they even need replacement since they are still braking, sure a little slower in response time but they are still working. Whatever the reason may be brakes are a replacement that should not go ignored. If your beloved Chrysler is having some difficulty when braking or you are hearing noises when you do brake these could both be signs that it is time for Chrysler replacement brakes. Let us find out how Chrysler brakes work and what your Chrysler brake pad’s function is.

Chrysler brake pads are steel backing plates with frictional material bound to the surface that faces the disc brake rotor. Chrysler brake pads convert the kinetic energy of the car to thermal energy through friction. The two brake pads are contained in the brake caliper with their friction surfaces facing the brake rotor. When the brakes are applied, the caliper squeezes the two pads together into the spinning brake rotor to slow down or stop your Chrysler. Since the Chrysler brake pads are heated when they make contact with the brake rotor they transfer small amounts of friction material to the disc, turning it dull gray. The brake pads and disc now have friction material on them and then stick together. This sticking together is what provides the friction to stop the vehicle.

So when is it time to get Chrysler replacement brakes? Brake pads will usually last between 30,000-35,000 miles before they need replacement. If you drive in the city a lot, you may need to replace them sooner because this wears out your brake pads more. Your Chrysler may have anywhere from 4-8 brake pads so that is something you will need to check when it comes time for replacement brakes. If you think it is time to change the brake pads then you can go ahead and measure them as well. If the Chrysler brake pads thickness is less than 3mm then you need those Chrysler replacement pads. Letting them go below that thickness will affect your brake rotors. This is due to the extra friction applied on the rotors. Brake rotors are more costly to replace.

When it does come time to inspect your Chrysler brake pads then also be sure to check out the rest of the braking system components like the rotors, calipers, hoses and brake fluid. It is recommended that the brakes be checked out every 12-15 months. I mentioned before that some signs of bad brake pads were screeching noises and a delayed brake time but there are more signs that can signal bad brakes. Having a brake pedal that is lower than normal, having vibration in the steering wheel and having a brake or low-pad warning light that is on, if your Chrysler comes with one.

Be sure to contact us for all your Chrysler brake pad needs. We have all kinds of brake pads to fit your specific needs!