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Steering in any vehicle is very important because you need to properly control your vehicle and be able to direct it in the way you want. Steering systems have changed over time just as vehicles have. Older cars use to be much lighter and did not require as much steering assistance because they were easy to manually steer and still get good control of the vehicle. But modern cars are a lot heavier and would require a lot of strength to steer if it were not for power assistance. In the last couple of weeks you have begun to notice that your Chrysler isn’t steering as easily as it use to. You are using more strength to drive your vehicle because the steering wheel is too stiff and hard to turn. So let’s go ahead and find out what could be wrong by taking a look at your Chrysler steering gearbox.

You most likely have a Chrysler power steering box, which will either be hydraulically powered or electrically powered. The hydraulically powered system will use a pump driven by the engine to send pressurized hydraulic fluid to both sides of the steering compartment. This pump is constantly running. As more torque is applied to the steering wheel and column more fluid will flow through the valves and apply force to steer the wheels. In the electric power steering system an electric motor is used. Sensors throughout the car will detect the position and torque of the steering column. These sensors then send signals to the computer module to apply the necessary torque through the motor needed at that time. So it is more effective than a hydraulic system because it only applies assistance when needed and there is no pump constantly running or leaking any hydraulic fluid.

A Chrysler manual steering box is typically not used today because it was used on lighter vehicles that could be manually driven without much power assistance. So you will need manual force when you steer your vehicle if this is the type of steering used. The response will be a bit slower than with a power steering box and there will be more resistance to wheel movement. An advantage of having a manual steering system is that you still have that mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels without needing the electronic computer module to control it.

If your Chrysler power steering were to fail because you lose power or your computer module malfunctions then you could still use manual steering to maneuver your vehicle but will have more trouble doing so. This is what most likely happening to your Chrysler is. You may have leak in your Chrysler steering box that is causing the stiffness you are experiencing. There could be other type of damage or cracks to the steering gearbox that is also causing to malfunction. Or it could also be a sign of wear and tear.

Your Chrysler steering box is important so make sure you get any damage checked out right away before more extensive damage is done. We are here to help you get the Chrysler replacement steering box you need! Check out our inventory of the Chrysler power steering box or the Chrysler manual steering box.