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Shock absorbers are the backbone of the car. They give the entire car structure and rigidity at high speeds, but also comfort and compliance at slow speeds and when dealing with potholes. All of this while giving you control of your vehicle and predictable handling. Worn out or broken shock absorbers need replacing not just to make the ride more tolerable and comfortable, but safer for you, your passengers and other drivers too.

Your GMC Shock Absorber gives you predictable control over your car, by stiffening the car especially when cornering so you don’t roll over in your seat and the car doesn’t slide off the side of the road. It does all of this while having suppleness and dampening at the same time, absorbing bumps and uneven road, maintaining wheel-road contact at all times. When their time has come however, they can no longer do the job they were designed for, and they need to be replaced.

Acadia  Shock Absorber Acadia Limited  Shock Absorber B6000  Shock Absorber
B7  Shock Absorber C3500HD  Shock Absorber C4500 Topkick  Shock Absorber
C5000  Shock Absorber C5000 Topkick  Shock Absorber C5500 Topkick  Shock Absorber
C6000  Shock Absorber C6000 Topkick  Shock Absorber C6500 Topkick  Shock Absorber
C7000  Shock Absorber C7000 Topkick  Shock Absorber C7500 Topkick  Shock Absorber
C8500 Topkick  Shock Absorber Caballero  Shock Absorber Canyon  Shock Absorber
Envoy  Shock Absorber Envoy XL  Shock Absorber Envoy XUV  Shock Absorber
G1000 Series  Shock Absorber G15  Shock Absorber G15/G1500 Van  Shock Absorber
G1500  Shock Absorber G25  Shock Absorber G25/G2500 Van  Shock Absorber
G2500  Shock Absorber G35  Shock Absorber G35/G3500 Van  Shock Absorber
G3500  Shock Absorber Jimmy  Shock Absorber Jimmy Full Size  Shock Absorber
P15  Shock Absorber P15/P1500 Van  Shock Absorber P1500  Shock Absorber
P25  Shock Absorber P25/P2500 Van  Shock Absorber P2500  Shock Absorber
P35  Shock Absorber P35/P3500 Van  Shock Absorber P3500  Shock Absorber
Pick-up Truck  Shock Absorber S15  Shock Absorber S15 Jimmy  Shock Absorber
Safari  Shock Absorber Savana 1500  Shock Absorber Savana 2500  Shock Absorber
Savana 3500  Shock Absorber Savana 4500  Shock Absorber Sierra  Shock Absorber
Sonoma  Shock Absorber Sprint  Shock Absorber Suburban  Shock Absorber
Syclone  Shock Absorber T6500  Shock Absorber T7500  Shock Absorber
Terrain  Shock Absorber Typhoon  Shock Absorber W4500 Forward  Shock Absorber
W5500 Forward  Shock Absorber W6500 Forward  Shock Absorber W7500 Forward  Shock Absorber
Yukon  Shock Absorber Yukon XL  Shock Absorber Yukon XL 1500  Shock Absorber
Yukon XL 2500  Shock Absorber

Our GMC Replacement Shocks are the best in the business. They offer OEM exact fitment, without any installation problems. The best materials are chosen for each product and only the highest quality of build will do. No matter what part you’re looking for, chances are we have it in stock for nearly every vehicle model. Visit the Buyer's Guide to help you make the proper selection when buying your shocks.

When it comes to the actual shock absorbers, two types are mostly used, mechanical and hydraulically. Both of them do a great job of dampening the vibrations from the road and absorbing any uneven and unsmooth road surface. Kinetic energy is generated by the up and down motion of the springs, which subsequently is dissipated usually via heat. This is the basic principle all shock absorbers work on. The biggest challenge when building and designing a shock is anticipating the amount of energy it will have to deal with. If you’re interested more on this particular subject, you can read up on it on the blog.

GMC was founded in 1912 and is headquartered in Detroit, America. It’s one of America’s giants when it comes to American vehicles, especially pick-up trucks. GMC’s big success is largely due to its parent company, General Motors. GMC along with other companies shares General Motors’ popularity as the biggest auto manufacturer in the USA and has built on that fact to gain popularity. The fact that it produces amazing vans, buses, and as mentioned, pick-ups also helps. Since 1920 GMC has been sharing engines and platforms with Chevrolet in an effort to reduce costs for production. The main differences from the Chevrolet counterparts are the styling details and cues which are unique to GMC.

Whether you’re looking for GMC Replacement Shocks or a GMC Shock and Strut Set, you can find it all on our site. We have experts ready to assist you with every question you may have that isn’t already answered in the FAQ section of the site, so just drop us a message and we’ll reply with the most professional and knowledgeable answer as quickly as possible.