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Gmc Wheel Hub Assembly

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The Wheel Hub Assembly, or WHA for short, is a part used in automobiles. It can be found in most passenger vehicles, vans, buses and even trucks. Also called just a hub assembly or a wheel hub bearing, it’s a small component with big meaning for the car’s function. Any vehicle in need of a new one should have its hub assembly replaced immediately, to ensure safety for the occupants and other road users.

It is located between the brakes (drums or discs) and the car’s drive axle. On the axle side, it’s mounted straight to the chassis via a bracket, and on the brake side, it’s mounted via bolts. Our GMC Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is an overall great package for anyone who was in need of one. It is a guaranteed fit to your GMC vehicle, and this is a fact as long as you select the correct year, make and model using our website’s vehicle selector. It’s been designed with that purpose in mind, and built with the highest quality and best materials with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Seeing as how the hub is the part between the wheel and the axle, you won’t be wrong to assume it’s an important one. It’s a part responsible for keeping your wheel attached to the car. The wheel hub assembly should be properly taken care of and checked regularly for any damage. When replacing it, extra care should be taken during the installation of the hub, and only the manufacturer’s recommended torque force should be applied to prevent damage. Instructional videos found on our site address this and can help you see the process before taking it on yourself.

GMC is a big American automaker under General Motors’ supervision. It builds trucks and utility vehicles. Most of their range consists of pickups and vans, however they are also commonly known for buses and trucks too. GMC partnered with Chevrolet in 1920 and started sharing platforms as well as engines, reducing developing costs for both manufacturers. The only thing separating their shared vehicles are styling cues which reflect each brand.

Our GMC Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly offers you a peace of mind. Mainly in the knowledge that it will last for a very long time, especially if looked after. Nothing was spared in making it. Help choosing the GMC wheel hub corresponding to your vehicle can come in the form of our Buyer's Guide.

Replacing only the wheel bearings proves to be very time consuming, not to mention difficult. This is due to the size of the component, but also to its location on the vehicle. Opting for a GMC Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is the correct choice almost every time. Questions about GMC, wheel bearings or anything else can be addressed directly to us, by simply typing and sending us a message.