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Fast Shipping
Free Shipping on orders over $99.
We ship from multiple warehouses across the country, so you get your part as soon as possible.
Industry Leading Warranty
Free, one year (or more), unlimited mileage warranty. Covers everything; parts and shipping costs.
Easy Returns
Return for any reason within 60 days for a full refund.
guaranteed exact fit
We've reviewed over 1,000,000 fitments to guarantee exact fit.

Your Mercedes Benz is your best driving car. You love its smooth feel on the road and how incredibly comfortable it is. But lately you have noticed the front part of your Mercedes Benz is dipping a little and the ride has been more prone to bumps on the road. You are not sure what this could be so you take it into the mechanic. Your mechanic tells you that you will need to get your Mercedes Benz strut assembly replaced. You want more of an explanation to this as you do not know what the struts do. So your mechanic, David, breaks it down for you.

David tells you that cars either come with shocks or struts but they perform very similar functions. Whether your car has shocks or struts depends on the needs of the car and what the manufacturer decides to use on your specific vehicle. Your Mercedes Benz struts are a part of the car’s suspension system that absorb compression to reduce heavy bouncing and give you that smooth feeling you are so used to when driving your Mercedes Benz. Your Mercedes Benz strut assembly will have five main tasks:

  • Stabilize the suspension system: Mercedes Benz struts do this because they work like shock absorbers to stabilize the overall function of the suspension system. The struts work along with leaf springs, coil springs, and stabilizer bars to add increased tension and support to the suspension system.
  • Maintain a stable ride: The Mercedes Benz strut assembly will help maintain control of the car ride by evenly distributing vehicle body weight while the car is being driven. Most likely, your Mercedes Benz will have 4 struts, two in the rear and two in the front. These four struts work together to maintain a controlled ride.
  • Reduce frame stress: Frame stress is reduced on your Mercedes because the Mercedes Benz struts are absorbing much of the stress and impact while the car is being operated. Without the Mercedes Benz strut your car ride would be extremely bumpy and there could be damage to the frame.
  • Reduce vehicle bounce: Since we don’t drive on flat roads free of bumps we need Mercedes Benz struts to apply various degrees of tension to the front and rear of the car to limit the bumpiness from the road.
  • Contribute to proper wheel alignment: The Mercedes Benz struts will exert tension on its wheels to help keep them in proper position and from bouncing up and down or swaying to the sides, all things that will affect tire life.


190D  Strut 190E  Strut 260E  Strut
300CE  Strut 300D  Strut 300E  Strut
300SD  Strut 300SE  Strut 300SEL  Strut
300SL  Strut 300TD  Strut 300TE  Strut
400E  Strut 500E  Strut 500SL  Strut
C230  Strut C240  Strut C250  Strut
C280  Strut C300  Strut C32 AMG  Strut
C320  Strut C350  Strut C350e  Strut
C400  Strut C43 AMG  Strut C450 AMG  Strut
C55 AMG  Strut C63 AMG  Strut C63 AMG S  Strut
CL500  Strut CL55 AMG  Strut CL550  Strut
CL600  Strut CL63 AMG  Strut CL65 AMG  Strut
CLA250  Strut CLK320  Strut CLK350  Strut
CLK500  Strut CLK55 AMG  Strut CLK550  Strut
CLS400  Strut CLS500  Strut CLS55 AMG  Strut
CLS550  Strut CLS63 AMG  Strut CLS63 AMG S  Strut
E250  Strut E280  Strut E300  Strut
E300D  Strut E320  Strut E350  Strut
E400  Strut E420  Strut E43 AMG  Strut
E450  Strut E500  Strut E55 AMG  Strut
E550  Strut E63 AMG  Strut E63 AMG S  Strut
GL320  Strut GL350  Strut GL450  Strut
GL550  Strut GL63 AMG  Strut GLC43 AMG  Strut
GLC63 AMG  Strut GLC63 AMG S  Strut GLE300d  Strut
GLE350  Strut GLE350d  Strut GLE400  Strut
GLE43 AMG  Strut GLE450 AMG  Strut GLE550e  Strut
GLE63 AMG  Strut GLE63 AMG S  Strut GLK250  Strut
GLK350  Strut GLS350d  Strut GLS450  Strut
GLS550  Strut GLS63 AMG  Strut Maybach S550  Strut
Maybach S560  Strut Maybach S600  Strut Maybach S650  Strut
ML250  Strut ML320  Strut ML350  Strut
ML400  Strut ML430  Strut ML450  Strut
ML500  Strut ML55 AMG  Strut ML550  Strut
ML63 AMG  Strut R320  Strut R350  Strut
R500  Strut R63 AMG  Strut S320  Strut
S350  Strut S400  Strut S420  Strut
S430  Strut S450  Strut S500  Strut
S55 AMG  Strut S550  Strut S550e  Strut
S560  Strut S560e  Strut S600  Strut
S63 AMG  Strut S65 AMG  Strut SL320  Strut
SL400  Strut SL450  Strut SL500  Strut
SL55 AMG  Strut SL550  Strut SL600  Strut
SL63 AMG  Strut SL65 AMG  Strut Sprinter Van  Strut

So now that you know the importance of struts you need to make sure you get the proper Mercedes Benz strut assembly. Whether you need Mercedes shocks and struts or a Mercedes Benz quick strut we are here to help you! We have guaranteed to fit Mercedes struts at low prices! David has recommended a Mercedes Benz quick strut in order for an easier and quicker installation. So contact us for Mercedes Benz quick strut!