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The existence of control arms is probably something that a lot of people aren't even aware of. It is only when their mechanic tells them that the control arms in their car need to be replaced that they become aware. This car component, also known as an A-arm, is critical for ride quality and ride safety. It has a major part in how a car handles, and makes the ride enjoyable and comfortable.

Nissan owners looking for a control arm have come to the right place, because we offer all the parts you could ever need. We offer shock absorbers, brake pads, control arms, and nearly every car part made. Our Nissan Replacement Control Arms fit in the same way that an OEM part does, as they were designed to be the exactly the same, following the manufacturer's measurements and build standards. They may be a replacement part, but can certainly be considered an enhancement to your car’s performance. The Buyer's guide available on the site is super helpful in helping you find what you're looking for.

Cars have multiple control arms. They are often compared to the letter A, as this is the shape they seem to form when installed on the car. The suspension uses control arms to connect and hold onto the car's frame. Bushings along with ball joints are used to achieve this function. It uses bushings on the chassis side, as it needs rigidity, and ball joint on the other, where there's movement. Besides the usual wear you can expect from your daily driving habits, a heavy bump or pothole can also crack, bend or sheer of a control arm, therefore causing the need for a replacement.

When replacing them it's good to get a pair and change both, especially if it's from normal wear and tear. We also offer a Nissan Control Arm Set, saving you the headache of tracking down individual control arms. You can browse our How-to section which has useful videos for instructions on installation and replacement of some parts available in our catalog.

Nissan is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that is located in Nishiku. They have partnered with Renault in the distant 1999, and now the cars share engines and platforms. Both car companies hold a stake in one another, and they share the same CEO. Nissan sells its own car under their own brand, but also uses the Infiniti brand for premium cars as well as Datsun which is the old name of Nissan. Nissan’s performance division NISMO for sports cars, which stands for Nissan Motorsports. Nissan used to be the sixth largest manufacturer, and is still a global leader.

A Nissan Control Arm has reliability and drivability as a key characteristic of the part. Nissan, which is a global car manufacturer, knows how to design the perfect control arm, and you can expect the same quality from us. An OEM exact part, with assured fitment is what we guarantee.

If a Nissan Control Arm is something you still have questions about, check out our blog or alternatively Contact Us directly.