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Your Subaru brake pads are an important safety feature in your vehicle. Without them it would not be possible to drive because you would be crashing into everything. Brake pads are important to keep maintained in your Subaru so that your braking is not affected. Brake pads eventually get worn so it is advised that you check your brake pads regularly to ensure that they are not so thin they begin scratching your brake rotors. Choosing your Subaru brake pads does not have to be a hard task. Let go ahead and look at the best options for your Subaru replacement brake pads.

The first type of Subaru brake pads we will take a look at are the ones made of semi-metallic materials. Semi-metallic brake pads are the most common brake pads used in vehicles today. Semi-metallic brake pads are composed of metal shavings held together with resin. The most common types of metals that may be used are cooper, brass, and steel. Since they are made of primarily metal, these types of Subaru brake pads are very durable and can last a long time before you need to replace them. Cost wise they are relatively inexpensive. On the other hand due to their metallic nature they are subjected to more grinding noises since they are being rubbed against a metal brake rotor in order to create friction.

Another type Subaru brake pads are the ones made of organic materials. Organic brake pads are made from non-metallic materials such as glass, rubber, high-heat resins and Kevlar. These are usually softer than other types of brake pads, which make them quieter for the drive. However they can also break down more quickly and create a larger amount of dust than other types of brake pads. The materials that organic brake pads are made from are easy to dispose of and do not pollute the earth. So if you are looking for a more environmentally option, organic material brake pads are the way to go.

The last type of Subaru brake pads is going to be ceramic ones. Ceramic brake pads are composed primarily by ceramic fibers with filling agents, but can also contain small amounts of other material such as copper. Ceramic brake pads dissipate heat very well, making them an excellent choice for high-performance vehicles. These brake pads will wear down very slowly which could mean they need replacement less often. The material is also very lightweight which makes them perfect for race cars. Cars that are raced and driven hard can see braking improvements with ceramic pads but for most everyday cars ceramic pads are not usually recommended due to their high cost. Out of the three types of brake pads, ceramic ones are the most expensive ones.

So whatever Subaru replacement brake pads you choose make sure to contact us. We can help guide to the best option for your Subaru brake pads if you are still unsure about what type to get. All of our Subaru brake pads will be guaranteed to fit no matter what option you choose!