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Subaru Control Arm by Model


Almost every car in existence uses a control arm. However, it's not something you think about, even when driving. In fact, it's a part that not many people know exists at all. They become aware of it only when a mechanic tells them what it is and that it needs replacing. If you've found yourself in a similar predicament of needing a control arm, we have just that to offer you.

A Subaru Control Arm for your Legacy, Impreza, Outback, or just about any Subaru can be bought from us at the most affordable prices anywhere. We also offer struts and shocks, and various other components for many brands and models. And they're not just affordable either. Our Subaru Replacement Control Arms were designed to be the best they can be, an OEM exact specification. They fit the car they're designed for with no extra modifications needed. Our Buyer's guide can help you find what you need should you require assistance.

Control arms, which are also called A-arms because of the way they look, are divided. And they're divided by the position they occupy. See, a car needs stability, and this can only be achieved with multiple control arms. There are upper control arms, that as the name suggest sit higher, and lower arms, which are found lower nearer to the ground. As everything is fragile and metallic, these parts require the usual maintenance procedure. This means cleaning, checking, and replacing if the time has come for that.

One of Japan's car giants, Subaru, is actually a subdivision of Fuji Heavy Industries. One of their trademark features is their use of a boxer engine, along with their Symmetrical All Wheel Drive system, thought to be the best commercial four wheel drive system in the world. Naturally, with such a pedigree, even their road cars will be good in the dirt. A lot of Subaru's lineup is what you'd call softroaders, cars that aren't meant for 24/7 off-roading but can do it when needed.

A car's suspension uses the control arm to connect to the frame. Bushings and ball joints are the main way of connection. A twisted, cracked or bent control arm will require replacing. When one is replaced, especially if it was worn out and at the end of the cycle, it's good to check all of them out and replace them as needed. This is why an entire Subaru Control Arm Set is sold and recommended. You can learn how to change control arms with the help of our videos in the How-to section.

Hopefully you're now able to buy the right Subaru Control Arm with all of the information provided here. For any further questions or details that you may wish to enquire about, feel free to Contact Us and we'll get back to you with the most professional answer in the shortest time possible.