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We often drive without even thinking about the components allowing us to go down the road. Driving has become a thing we do without almost even thinking about. It's easy to forget that the car is comprised of lots and lots of various elements, each equally important. Without an engine you would not be able to drive. No wheels, and you wouldn't even call it a car. But take even something as small as a control arm, and you're looking at a component which plays a major role in the handling of your vehicle.

If you were looking for a Toyota Control Arm, you've come to the right place. An entire control arm set connects the front suspension to the car's frame. On the frame end it uses bushings, and on the wheel end it uses ball joints to connect itself to the vehicle. Sometimes control arms can break or get bent, if involved in an accident or getting impacted by a pothole. When in need of multiple control arms, our Toyota Control Arm Set has you covered, providing you with every part you need to completely interchange your old parts.

In addition, every part cataloged for your vehicle is made to fit exactly to your model's specifications, and is a guaranteed quality item of the highest build. We can also supply you with other suspension components, such as shocks, struts, steering racks, tie rods, and so on. In addition to having suspension parts, we're also fully stocked with almost every other car part available, and for nearly every car brand and model. For guidance on buying the correct parts you require, take a look at our Buyer's guide.

The control arm pivots at both ends. Most cars have several of them, arranged to form the letter A. They're most often divided into upper and lower control arms. Not only do they attach suspension parts to the chassis, but they also synchronize the movement of the wheels with that of the body of the car. This gives the car the smoothness and fluidity when turning. As with any other moving part, they need to be regularly lubricated and checked for their working condition, as the handling of the car can get wayward and unpredictable when they malfunction.

A Toyota Control Arm for your car is a key component with which the car cannot function. Toyota, the biggest car manufacturer at one time, designs their control arms specifically for their products for their cars, and that is how we sell ours. A perfect fit with no hassle. Knowing when your car needs a set of Toyota Replacement Control Arms, or indeed how to fix and replace them can be difficult. Luckily, our How-to section can prove to be very useful, so you might want to take a look.

If with all of this information you're still having some trouble determining what you need to buy, how to replace the part or any other particular thing you have unclear for that matter, feel free to Contact Us.