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Lately your Volkswagen has been quite bumpy when you drive it. Having to drive your Volkswagen to work has been a bit uncomfortable for you since the handling is rough and your ride quality has diminished. Your VW was handed down to you by your brother and he told you he had done all necessary maintenance on it so you don’t possibly know what could be wrong with it. You do some research and realize that it is most likely your Volkswagen shock absorber that needs replacement. Your friend is a mechanic and he confirms your diagnosis. Since you are on a budget you are trying to buy a VW replacement shock absorber yourself to have your friend install it for you at a low cost. This is where we can come in and help you out. First off, we will discuss what a VW shock absorber does and the types of shock absorbers available.

The Volkswagen shock absorber is going to be part of the suspension system. They help reduce the effect of the bumps on the road, which leads to better ride quality and gives you better handling of your VW. A Volkswagen shock absorber can be referred to as a damper because it is designed to absorb and dampen shock impulses. It is usually mechanically or hydraulically powered. The dampening of the shock impulse is done by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into thermal energy that then gets dispersed. This is energy is dissipated based on what type of VW shock absorbers you have, either hydraulic or electromagnetic.

A Volkswagen shock absorber will either be twin tube or mono-tube though they can have some variations within each type. There are five different variations of twin-tube VW shock absorbers. We are going to take a look at a basic twin tube that consists of two cylindrical tubes, an inner and outer one. The inner one is called a working or pressure tube while the outer is called a reserve tube. At the bottom on the inside of the twin tube there is a compression valve. When the piston is forced up or down by bumps in the rod hydraulic fluid moves between the different chambers through small orifices in the piston and through the valve, converting the kinetic energy into heat that then gets dispersed.

A Mono-tube Volkswagen shock absorber consists of one tube called the pressure tube that has two pistons. The pistons are called the working piston and the dividing or floating piston. Both of them will move in sync inside the pressure tube in response to any road changes. The pistons also separate the shock’s fluid and gas components. Since the mono tube shock absorber has such a longer overall design it is hard to mount in cars that are made for twin-tube shocks but since it doesn’t have directionality it can still be mounted.

Make sure to check your VW manual to check the exact VW replacement shocks you need. You may need to get a VW shock and strut set if your VW consists of these combination parts. Contact us today for all your Volkswagen shock absorber needs. We have guaranteed to fit VW shock and strut sets at low prices!