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Clutch Disc

Clutch Disc

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Clutch Disc

Clutch Disc

The Clutch Disc or plate is a part of your vehicle's manual transmission system that delivers power from the engine to the transmission. It is fitted between the flywheel and the pressure plate. It is made of highly durable steel or sometimes Kevlar, in high-performance vehicles. The center hub of the disc is splined to fit the transmission shaft. The clutch plate has a set of springs on its surface that help in cushioning the transmission from the shock of the clutch engaging.

When the clutch is engaged, the pressure plate is pushed against the clutch disc, which in turn is pushed against the flywheel. Therefore, the clutch disc forces the transmission shaft to rotate with it. When the clutch pedal is pressed, the clutch diaphragm spring pulls the pressure plate away from the clutch disc, thus disengaging the clutch from the engine. Owing to its function, the clutch disc is bound to wear out over time. A worn out clutch will slip against the flywheel and fail to transmit power from the engine to the transmission.

In addition to slipping, the clutch disc can also stick. This will prevent your car from switching gears smoothly and cause the disc and flywheel to grind against each other. If you experience a delayed acceleration or a vibration/jerking when the clutch is disengaged, it is a possible indication of a damaged clutch disc. If you hear a grinding noise when you press the clutch pedal or while changing gears, you should consider having the clutch disc replaced. At Buy Auto Parts we stock a wide variety of clutch discs for every car make and model.

We have genuine OEM replacements and premium aftermarket parts. All our car parts are thoroughly tested and come with a warranty. To view the parts that fit your vehicle, select the right year, make and model of your car on our online catalog. At Buy Auto Parts you will find high-quality clutch discs at unbeatable prices, and free shipping. If you have any questions about our car parts, call our toll-free support line 1-888-907-7225 or email us at [email protected].

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