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Wheel Bearing

Wheel Bearing

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Wheel Bearing

Wheel Bearing

The Wheel Bearing is usually mounted in the hub or sometimes in the brake drum or rotor. It allows the wheels of the vehicle to rotate smoothly. The wheel bearing promotes smooth wheel motion. It consists of two components: the bearing and the race. The bearing has a cage which is pressed over a row of ball bearings. This row circles the cage. The ball bearings ride on a smooth metal surface called the race. When the wheel spins, the ball bearings roll against the surface of the hub. This action allows the wheel to rotate smoothly. Most automobiles have an inner and outer wheel bearing on all the wheels. Wheel bearings are protected by oil seals which prevent the corrosive effects of moisture and dirt.

If the oil seals are damaged, it would affect the wheel bearings. Symptoms of a faulty wheel bearing include wheel play, abnormal tire wear and a loosened front suspension. Other symptoms include a grinding or grating noise from the tire or wheel area, and a requirement of an increased acceleration to attain normal driving speed. A damaged wheel bearing should be replaced at the earliest to prevent any further damage to your vehicle's suspension. At Buy Auto Parts we stock a wide variety of Wheel Bearing for every car make and model.

We have genuine OEM replacements and premium aftermarket parts. All our car parts are thoroughly tested and come with a warranty. To view the parts that fit your vehicle, select the right year, make and model of your car on our online catalog. At Buy Auto Parts you will find high-quality Wheel Bearing at unbeatable prices, and free shipping. If you have any questions about our car parts, call our toll-free support line1-888-907-7225 or email us at [email protected].

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