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Yukon Hardcore Locking Hubs

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Yukon Hardcore Locking Hubs


Overview of a Hardcore Locking Hub

A locking hub simply disconnects the axle from the wheel hub, allowing the axle to be at rest. In vehicles that do not have manual locking hubs, the front axle is still turning during normal driving, even when they are in two wheel drive. The benefit of a manual locking hub is reduced wear and maintenance on front axle components, since it is no longer rotating during normal driving operation. Greater fuel economy is also seen due to reduced drag when the hubs are unlocked. Hardcore Locking Hubs feature all steel construction, a low profile bezel and selector to reduce the impact with objects when traveling off-road, and a default-to-lock design in case of a failure.


These heavy-duty lockouts feature all-steel construction, including Chromoly internals, for the ultimate durability and strength. The Hardcore Locking Hubs will not disengage under high torque applications and defaults to the locked position under use. Engagement comes from just a 1/3 turn of the all-steel, low-profile bezel.The Hardcore Locking Hub is not only great looking, but features a low profile design to minimize impact with obstacles, and a proprietary coating on the locking gears for decreased friction and long life. Hardcore Locking Hubs are an easy, bolt-on installation for all spline Dana 60 and Dana 50 outers from 1977 through 2004.


Hardcore Locking Hub Anatomy


Product Recommendations

When you purchase a Hardcore Locking Hub, it is beneficial to change out the front wheel bearings, spindle bearings, and seals for optimial locking hub performance. We carry all of these parts, so just ask!


Buy Auto Parts is an official distributor of high-quality Yukon Parts. All of the products we carry are tested thoroughly and come with a one-year warranty. To place an order for a Yukon part, you just need to select the right year, make and model of your car from our online catalog. We recommend using Yukon's Diff Wizard to help locate the right part for your car. We have warehouses all across the country, so you can be assured of receiving your car parts on time. All auto part orders over US $99 will receive free shipping!


Hardcore Locking Hub Installation Instructions

Hardcore Locking Hub Installation


1) Remove the existing lock-out or flange assembly if applicable. With the existing lock-out assembly removed, your stub axle and locking spindle nuts should be visible inside the hub.

2) Thoroughly clean and debur the inner portions of the hub.

3) Lubricate the hub spline and axle shaft with the high pressure grease.

4) Insert the spring retainer into the hub. The flat end of the retainer must face out as shown.

5) Insert the coil spring into the hub. The spring will sit on the spring retainer if being use on a standard spindle hub assembly.

6) Coat the spacer with high pressure grease on all surfaces. Assemble spacer over the outer axle and seat it against the spindle or snap ring.

7) Coat the coupler and driver with high pressure grease on all surfaces.

8) Mesh the driver and coupler pieces together and install into the hub, over the axle. The hub and or axle may need to be rotated during assembly to properly align the splines.

9) While fully compressing the assembly install the axle snap ring if applicable. Assure the snap ring fully seats into the groove on the outer shaft.

10) Coat the Cam Spacer and retainer plate with high pressure grease.

11) Install the Cam Spacer into the retainer plate by aligning the ears on the cam spacer with the notches in the retainer plate.

12) Install the hub snap ring into the hub. A small amount of force may be necessary to compress the cam spacer in to the hub to allow extra clearance for snap ring installation. Be sure snap ring is fully seated into the snap ring groove of the hub.

13) Test for proper operation of the cam spacer by compressing the spacer into the hub several times. The camp spacer must freely slide in and out of the hub assembly and return fully seated against the retainer plate.

14) Apply o-ring lube to the o-rings and assemble onto the selector.

15) Assemble the selector and bezel together and align them to "LOCK"

16) With the arrow still aligned with the "LOCK" label on the bezel, install the bezel, selector assembly into the hub.

17) Install the Nylon washers over the 10-24 bolts and apply 1 drop of Loctite 242 or equivalent onto the threads of the lockout bolts.

18) Install bolts and tighten to 22 in-lbs. Do not over torque the bolts.

19) To check for proper engagement, dial both hubs to the "LOCK" position and raise the front two wheels in the air. If the drive line spins when you turn the tire, then the hubs are engaging properly.

20) To check for proper disengagement, turn dials to "FREE" position and spin the lifted wheels. Check behind wheel to ensure that the stub axle is not rotating with the wheel. If the stub axle is rotating, the hub is not disengaging properly.

*Complete installation manual is included with every kit.