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Honda has come a long way since their introduction to the North American automobile market about a half-century ago. Today, the brand is known for their reliable cars, minivans, trucks and other vehicles. Honda cars have attained legendary status for their reliability and durability and later models have display sophisticated design & style. Since Hondas are so popular, finding a Honda part, online or otherwise, can be tough. But it doesn't have to be BuyAutoParts.com offers discount Honda parts online for all of your favorite models and years.

Thanks to BuyAutoParts.com, it's easier than ever to find your Honda part online. In years past, the local parts store was the primary source for Honda parts. And if your local supplier didn't have a Honda part or components, you were simply out of luck. We connect thousands of car lovers with Honda parts online, for the best prices you'll find anywhere. It's been quite a journey for BuyAutoParts.com, and Honda's history has also been an interesting ride.

Honda Motor Company, Limited is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that was established in 1948. It was initially established as a motorcycle manufacturer by Soichiro Honda, an engineer and industrialist. The first motorcycle, the Model A, was an improvised motorized bicycle. The first complete motorcycle, the Model D, was released in 1949. Honda rolled out its first automobile, the T360 mini pickup truck, in 1963. Discount Honda parts were still a long way off, however. Limited production and regional supply issues would hinder the distribution of Honda parts for years to come. The T360 truck was powered by a small 356 cc, straight-4 gasoline engine. The S500 sports car, released in 1964, was the company's first production car. It had chain-driven rear wheels. 1969 saw the release of the Honda 1300, the company's first four-door sedan. The N360, which rolled off the assembly-lines in 1967, was the brand's first two-door hatchback.

The N600, a later version of the N360, featured a larger engine. It was replaced by the Civic, one of the brand's most popular models, in 1972. The Accord made its debut in 1975 as a compact car, and is now sold as a full-size sedan in its latest generation. The '80s saw the introduction of the City, a subcompact car. It was retired in 1994 but it was revived again in 1996 as a compact four-door sedan. The 1996 version of the City paralleled the first widespread distribution of Honda parts online nothing like the present day in terms of scope and supply, but it was an exciting time nonetheless! The Legend, a mid-size luxury car, was released in 1985. The Odyssey, a 5-door minivan, was first produced in 1994 and is currently being marketed in its fourth generation. In 1996, the brand rolled out the CRV, a compact crossover SUV. Today's popular models of the brand include the Civic, Accord, Inspire and CR-Z. The CR-Z was introduced as the latest version of the CR-X, a sporty two-door model loved by Honda enthusiasts for many middle aged drivers, the CR-X was their first car!

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