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Control arms are parts that are located on the car’s front suspension. Very few cars have control arms on the rear, if any. The function of the control arm is important for the function of the entire car, so keeping it working is critical. A control arm connects your car’s frame to its suspension. When looking for a replacement part, you really want to make sure you get good quality products, because it’s not worth risking safety just to save a few bucks.

However, when it comes to price, we have everyone trumped. Our prices are amongst the most affordable, and this does not come at the cost of quality. You can be assured that no expenses were spared when your Lexus Control Arm was designed and built. This applies to every product we sell. That’s why we stand behind everything we sell and we back it up with a one-year warranty at no cost to you. The fact that the parts fit just like stock parts only further prove this.

Control arms are divided in two categories, upper and lower. As they come in pairs, and often multiple ones of each kind can be found on vehicles, it’s good to replace them in a set. For that very reason, we have a Lexus Control Arm Set, to save you the trouble of tracking down individual parts later on, because chances are when one needs replacing, they all will sooner rather than later. For anyone on the lookout for a bushing or ball bearing separately, we also have that. For more information on how to replace control arms, go here.

Lexus is not a separate entity in its own right, but is rather an extension of the Japanese car maker Toyota. You can think of it as their up-market car brand. They are in charge of selling the really expensive and luxurious cars, which are in most cases large sedans or SUVs. It’s a plan that works for Toyota really well. They sell the practical and daily cars, and use Lexus as a premium-only name to sell high-end cars.

If you think a car couldn’t get more reliable than a trusty Toyota, you were wrong. While Lexus is a part of Toyota, their attention to details is second to none. It’s said that Lexus cars are built to the highest standards possible. It’s no surprise then that their control arms also meet every requirement ever set for strength and durability. Our Lexus Replacement Control Arms also meet this criteria, and satisfy the car and designer’s original intentions.

If you don’t know how to buy parts, or the correct part, worry not. We have a Guide available for anyone wondering just that. And, if you still have unanswered questions or your original one was left unanswered in this text, please do send us a message.

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