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From a young age your father passed on his love for cars to you. Spending time together in his garage working on cars was a treasured activity for both of you. Your father taught you many things that only fueled your passion for cars. Your first car was a 1965 Ford Mustang GT that you both worked on together to get it up and running. That Mustang was your first love and you knew you would never go with any other car for as long as you lived. One of your favorite modifications to your Mustang was the Ford Turbocharger you would add to your older models. Now you continue this tradition. But why go with a Ford turbocharger?

A Ford turbocharger is composed of two parts; the turbine and the compressor. Basically they’re two air fans sitting on the same metal shaft so that both spin around together. The turbine will sit in the exhaust stream from the cylinders. As these cylinders blow hot gas past the fan blades they rotate and the shaft they’re connected to rotates as well. The compressor sits on the same turbine and spins too but it is mounted inside the Ford’s air intake system. So as it spins it draws air into the car and forces it into the cylinders. The Ford air induction is what contains your air intake where the compressor is located and it is connected to the throttle body.

So what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a Ford turbocharger, instead of say a supercharger? Advantages with your Ford turbocharger will include significant increase in horsepower for that extra speed you want, a smaller engine displacement is possible you can get much more power relative to the size of the engine, better fuel economy because the smaller engine is using less fuel so you’ll be saving money at the pump, and lastly higher efficiency since turbochargers are running off energy that is typically lost in naturally aspirated and supercharged engines making the recovery of this energy improve the efficiency of your engine.

Let’s take a look at the disadvantages as well of having a Ford turbocharger. You may experience turbo lag since turbochargers need time to cylinder and provide a useful boost, there could be boost threshold since turbochargers are often sized for certain revolutions per minute (RPM) range where enough exhaust gas flow is adequate to provide additional boost for the engine. You may also experience power surge where reaching the boost threshold provides an instantaneous surge in power, which could compromise tire traction or cause car instability and lastly you may need to be changing your engine oil more often. This is because Ford turbochargers get very hot and tap into the engines oil supply demanding more engine oil.

Since you already considered both advantages and disadvantages and chose to stick with your beloved Ford turbocharger count on us to help you get the best price when it comes time for that Ford replacement turbocharger. We are here to help you with all your Ford replacement turbocharger needs and have a varied supply of replacement turbochargers that are guaranteed to fit any of your Ford Mustangs!