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Lister Petter Industrial Parts

Lister Petter Industrial Parts

Lister Petter is a British manufacturer of internal combustion engines. It has factories, warehouse and distribution hubs in more than 160 countries. Lister Petter was formed in the year 1986 through a merger of Petters Limited and R A Lister and Company. During that time period, the firm was a division of the Hawker Siddeley group, but today Lister Petter operates independently. The firm's headquarters and main manufacturing facility are located in Dursley, Gloucestershire. The company sells products in France, China, the USA and India.

Lister Petter supplies engines for stationary industrial applications as well as for equipment manufacturers and marine applications. The company has manufactured many diesel engines ranging from single-cylinder water-cooled engines of 2.7 hp (the 'Zeta' series) to 64 hp ('Delta' engine). The company has also produced a 335 horsepower engine called the 'Omega'. Lister Petter's main product is the 'Alpha' series of sub-2-litre engines. It also produces and markets biodiesel plants. The brand has produced many engines like the AVA series, AVA1 and AVA2 (1- and 2-cylinder engines respectively), Lister D, LT series and ST series.

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