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Air conditioners have been hailed by many as one of the greatest inventions ever made. A little exaggerated you may say but in reality air conditioning really has done a lot to contribute to surges in populations in places that were once deemed uninhabitable due to the heat and humidity in these environments. But when air conditioning came to fruition people could now bear to live in places that were always hot and humid. An example of this happened in the Southern United States when migration from the North to the South increased because of the invention of the air conditioner.

In our vehicles, the air conditioner allows us to keep cool and comfortable while inside the vehicle and on those especially hot days keeps the vehicle from becoming a sauna. Your GMC Sierra chills your passenger cabin to icy cold temperatures just how you like it. So you want to make sure you know enough about your GMC AC system to make sure you can maintain it adequately or look for any signs of malfunction.

Let’s take a look at the major components of your GMC AC system, focusing specifically on the GMC A/C compressor. Aside from the GMC AC compressor the other components of your GMC AC system are going to be your condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, drier or accumulator and refrigerant. As mentioned the most important component is the GMC AC compressor. The GMC AC compressor job is to take refrigerant in gas from and pressurize it so that it will cool the air. The compressor will be running the entire GMC AC system so it is vital for it to be properly functioning if you want a GMC AC system that works. The GMC AC compressor is run by a belt and operated by a clutch that will control when it turns on and off. Once the AC compressor is running it is injecting cold vapors from the refrigerant to the condenser.

The condenser converts these vapors into liquid form and sends the liquid onto the drier or accumulator. Once at the drier or accumulator any excess moisture is removed from the refrigerant and the liquid refrigerant is held there. The liquid refrigerant then gets pumped through the expansion valve where the pressure is removed. By removing the pressure the refrigerant turns back into vapor form before being sent off to the evaporator. Once it reaches the evaporator it vaporizes the entire refrigerant and absorbs back all the heat that is present in the cabin. Once the heat from the cabin is removed cold air is blown out through a fan into your cabin and this causes you to experience that cool air you like so much from your GMC AC system.

So if you notice your GMC AC system has stopped working, is not blowing out enough cold air or blowing too much cold air it is time to get it checked out. Remember that the AC system in cars requires that all parts work together. So if one part is broken then it can damage other parts in the system. Contact us today so we can help you get the best GMC A/C compressor for your GMC!