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 GMC  Navigation Unit
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Your GMC has taken you on many adventures and you rely on your GMC GPS navigation unit to get you to the many places you like exploring. You enjoy using it more than your phone to get you around. It is convenient for you because it does not lose signal and you can easily see it while still driving safely. It is installed in the dash so you can also control the car radio through it, take phone calls and receive alerts when traffic is bad. Let’s go ahead and find out more about the GMC GPS navigation system.

GPS stands for global positioning system and was originally only used for military purposes. It was created by the US in 1973 to overcome limitations from previous navigation systems. The original GPS system was developed by the Department of Defense and used 24 satellites. In 1995 it became fully operational and has advanced over time to become a better system. GPS works by using time. The satellites have very stable atomic clocks, which are synchronized together, and to ground clocks. So the GPS satellites are continuously transmitting their current time and position and send signals to the GPS receivers. In order for the receivers to compute four unknown quantities four satellites must be in view of the receiver.

In your GMC navigation unit the satellite navigation device is used to get its position data to then correlate to a position on the road. Your GMC navigation system likely uses dead reckoning. Dead reckoning uses distance data from sensors attached to a drivetrain, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer in order to get more reliable signal. This is why your GMC navigation unit rarely loses signal. The road database is a vector map. This means that street names and numbers and house numbers will be encoded as geographic coordinates so that you can get to your specific desired location.

Your GMC nav unit can detect the current location of the vehicle and also the exact speed. This allows your GMC navigation unit to estimate arrival times. The navigation unit can also give you the quickest routes and live traffic updates so you can avoid traffic jams and accidents. Another advantage of your GMC navigation system is that you can program locations in it that you often travel too so that you can quickly and easily arrive to your destination.

Since your GMC nav system is important to help guide you to where you want to go make sure it functions properly. If it does need replacement make sure to come check out our GMC GPS navigation system inventory to find the right one for you. All of our parts will come guaranteed to fit, with a one-year warranty and free shipping! Make sure to check out our buyer's guide to learn more about navigation units, the differences between them and how simple it can be to purchase it from us!