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 Infiniti  Brake Pad Set
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Brake pads are an essential car part, and one that wears out and needs replacing somewhat regularly. If you're in the market for new Infiniti brakes, we have you covered. We offer some of the best ,Infiniti brake pads on the market. Our products are made with the highest quality, always ensuring customer satisfaction. Choose from a wide array of brake pads, knowing that each and every part is specifically made to be an exact fitment for your car.

As anyone knows, stopping is just as, if not more, important than accelerating. Brake pads are a key component in the operation of the entire brake system, so making sure they work properly can prevent any potentially dangerous break fault, not to mention they can be life-saving. Our store has a wide array of Infiniti brake pads to suit every Infiniti model out there, from a Q45 limo, to the QX80 SUV.

When looking for Infiniti brake pads, you might be tempted to buy aftermarket brakes, or if you're only looking to replace them, OEM parts will do. The good thing is that we offer not only both, but all kinds of Infiniti brakes and Infiniti brake pad sets to suit every need, as well as every car.

Infiniti is a luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Nissan. Infiniti is generally viewed as a more up-market, luxurious and more expensive version of Nissan. However, a more expensive car doesn't necessarily mean expensive parts. In fact, most Infiniti parts can be fitted from their sister company Nissan's cars, and the rest are relatively inexpensive. What really separates the Infiniti brand is its dedication to detail, luxury, and creating an ambient for the customer that is thrilling yet comfortable.

Development of disc brakes began in England, somewhere in the 1890s. The earliest prototype and first caliper-type disc brake was patented by Fredrick Lanchester in 1902, in Birmingham. Because of the limited choice of metals at the time however, he used copper as stopping material, which combined with the poor conditions of the roads at the time, dusty tracks at best, meant that the copper wore quickly and made the disc brake non-functional.

Although the disc brake has been developed and perfected to the point where brakes are as good as we'll ever need, we have some tips on how to make your brakes last a long time and save you the hassle of having to replace them while simultaneously saving you a bit of money too. Using your speed and not braking unnecessarily can reduce the wear on the brake pads by a staggering amount. Coasting wherever you can saves you gas as well as the brakes. Looking far ahead and correctly timing stop lights or slower car means you will be able to adjust accordingly, sometimes not even having to break at all. Flushing the breaks is something that should be done periodically, as brake fluid needs to be changed as any other car fluid. For instructions on how to achieve that, you can watch our how-to videos.