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2004 Mercedes Benz SL600
Power Steering Pump

Type: Remanufactured
Fits: All Models

Part #: 86-01196 R

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Part Number: 86-01196 R
2004 Mercedes Benz SL600 Power Steering Pump
Type: Remanufactured
Fits: All Models
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About this item

Our Mercedes Benz tandem pumps are completely remanufactured with high quality seals. Each pump is remanufactured by hand, in the USA, after it goes through a thorough inspection to original specifications. Each pump is primed with OEM fluid and tested on a steering simulator to ensure the operation meets the specific requirements for the Active Body Control and steering systems for your vehicle.

    This Steering Pump is for vehicles equipped with an Active Body Control system. You can access the ABC electronic control unit using diagnostic equipment connected to the data link connector in order to see all the Diagnostic Trouble Codes memorized, and be fully informed about failed components so they can be repaired or replaced. Please note the following:
    • ABC Pressure Relief Valve: When the pump fails, particles from the pump can move into the valve and plug small orifices. Please remove and clean the Pressure Valve or your ABC pump may not perform as it should.
    • Valve Blocks: There are two valve blocks on your vehicle, one for each axle. They can fail or become clogged with small particles. This can cause the blocks to leak internally and your vehicle will not lower evenly.
    • Fluid Level: Hissing sound means air in the system. Check the level with the larger of the two sticks in the reservoir, there are two marks on it. The lower mark is with the engine running and the top is with the engine off. Every time the ABC system is serviced we recommend flushing the entire system and installing a new filter. Use only Pentosin fluid. The filter is in the reservoir you check the level in. It is the large screw off cap. Flushing the fluid is usually done with the Mercedes Benz computer so the car can go through the "Rodeo" to actuate all four struts in a circular motion to bleed the lines of debris, old fluid, and air. Before opening the hydraulic system, clean the area around the connection point to avoid particles entering the system.

Technical Specifications
Specification Description
Part Type Power Steering Pump
Part Number 86-01196 R
Brand BuyAutoParts
Model Number 86-01196R
Condition Remanufactured
Fit Type EXACT
Warranty FREE 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty (Call for Extended Warranties)
Weight 5 Pounds
Box Dimensions Height: 7.40"
Length: 5.40"
Width: 4.60"
OEM Cross Reference
003 466 53 01 0034665301 003466530160 003466530180 003466530188
A0034665301 A003466530160 A003466530180 A003466530188 86-01196R
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UPC 685987495324
Vehicle Fitment
2004 Mercedes Benz SL600 All Models
2004 Mercedes Benz SL600 All Models
2005 Mercedes Benz SL600 All Models
2006 Mercedes Benz SL600 From VIN F000001 to VIN F122820
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Guaranteed Exact Fit for OEM #: 003 466 53 01, 0034665301, 003466530160, 003466530180, 003466530188, A0034665301, A003466530160, A003466530180, A003466530188, 86-01196R, 21-278