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Mazda 3 Parts

If you are searching for replacement auto parts at low prices, which meet the standards of your OEM part, purchasing auto parts online is the best choice! With dealerships, you will have to search high and low in each shop to actually find the right parts which fall within your budget. Even at your usual go-to dealership, some parts could be out of stock, resulting in an unnecessary waste of time and effort in going to that place. While looking for parts online, the time, cost and effort is far less than buying parts at brick-and-mortar dealerships!

We believe you know the advantages of buying auto parts online and are therefore here to buy the auto part you need! Whether it is your Mazda 3 or any other model, you can find a wide range of quality replacements here! Even with replacements, there are options like OEM, aftermarket and re-manufactured parts. You can pick any of these options for your Mazda according to your preferences and get your car back on the road.

The Mazda 3 is a compact car which was launched in 2003 as a 2004 model. The vehicle is marketed as the Axela in Japan. The 3 replaced the Familia, also known as the 323 or the Protege. Depending on the year in which it was manufactured, the 3 comes with either a 5-door hatchback/wagon or 4-door sedan body style. The vehicle has been manufactured in three generations: 2003-2008, 2008-2013, and 2013-present. From its early models, the Mazda 3 provided a precise handling and performance, making it the customers' favorite compact car at its price. Though initially the fuel economy was found to be substandard, later models improved in the fuel economy, as well.

3 A/C Accumulator/Drier
3 A/C Compressor
3 A/C Compressor and Components Kit
3 A/C Condenser
3 A/C Evaporator
3 A/C Expansion Device
3 A/C Hose High Side - Discharge
3 A/C Hose Low Side - Suction
3 Air Filter
3 Air Intake Performance Kit
3 Alternator
3 Amplifier
3 Brake Caliper
3 Brake Pad and Rotor Kit
3 Brake Pad Kit - Front and Rear
3 Brake Pad Set
3 Brake Rotor
3 Brake Rotor Set
3 Cat Back Performance Exhaust
3 Catalytic Converter CARB Approved
3 Catalytic Converter EPA Approved
3 Catalytic Converter EPA Approved and o2 Sensor
3 Center Module Screen
3 Clutch Kit
3 Clutch Kit - Performance Upgrade
3 Coilover Kit
3 Control Arm
3 Control Arm Kit
3 Cooling Fan Assembly
3 Cylinder Head Gasket Sets
3 Drive Axle Front
3 Drive Axle Kit
3 Engine Gasket Set - Timing Cover
3 Engine Gasket Set - Valve Cover
3 Engine Oil Pan
3 Engine Tuner
3 Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set
3 Fuel Injector
3 Fuel Injector Set
3 Fuel Pump Assembly
3 Headlight Assembly
3 Headlight Assembly Pair
3 Ignition Coil
3 Ignition Coil Set
3 Intake Manifold Gasket Set
3 Intercooler
3 Light Weight Flywheel
3 Mass Air Flow Meter
3 Miscellaneous
3 Navigation Upgrade OEM Fit In Dash
3 Oil Filter
3 Oxygen Sensor
3 Performance Strut Bar
3 Power Steering Pump
3 Power Steering Rack
3 Radiator
3 Radio or CD Player
3 Shock Absorber
3 Shock and Strut Set
3 Side View Mirror
3 Starter
3 Strut
3 Super or Turbo Gasket
3 Throttle Body
3 Transmission Assembly - Automatic
3 Turbocharger
3 Turbocharger and Installation Accessory Kit
3 Water Pump and Cooling System Gaskets
3 Wheel Hub Assembly
3 Wheel Hub Assembly Kit
3 Window Regulator Only
3 Window Regulator with Motor

All three generations of the Mazda 3 come with an inline-four engine. SkyActiv is a technology developed by Mazda with an aim to improve the overall performance of the vehicle. This technology was included in the Mazda 3 from the 2012 model year. The current (third) generation works on a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission. The 3 has also participated in racing events including the Speed World Challenge and NASCAR Stock V6 Series. The performance version of the Mazda 3, the Mazdaspeed3 is available in the North American market. The vehicle is marketed under the name Mazdaspeed Axela in Japan and the Mazda3 MPS in Europe.

Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of automobiles, light trucks and engines. Its headquarters are located in Aki District, in Hiroshima. The brand is one of the prominent manufacturers of automobiles, and most of its vehicles are built in its home country. The brand's facilities are also located in other countries including Colombia, Iran and Taiwan. Mazda joined hands with Ford Motor Company between the years 1979 and 2010. The platform used to develop the Mazda Familia which also served as a platform for Ford models such as the Laser and Escort.

Fixing repairs and maintaining cars can be an enjoyable hobby for some people, especially car enthusiasts. Others might find DIY repairs less appealing, and prefer leaving it to the car experts. Not all auto repairs are going to involve a lot of physical work. DIY repairs should not be attempted unless one is completely certain of what they're doing. A professional mechanic can definitely hone in on the issue that's interfering with your driving experience. However, you can elucidate the problem with your vehicle, if you are aware of the basic functions of the parts in your Mazda. With our how-to articles, you can learn about the inner workings, and maintenance and repair procedures of various auto parts.

Mirrors in your vehicle like the side-view mirror and the rear-view mirror help ensure that you are aware of the movement of other vehicles on the road. These mirrors ensure that you stay safe on roads by reflecting the vehicles that are parallel are behind your car. The side-view mirrors which are attached to the vehicle's door, are one of the most susceptible to damage.

Along with the central components like the catalytic converter and turbocharger, we also stock engine tuners and performance parts for your Mazda. For the convenience of our customers, we offer some parts in sets or kits. There are some parts in your vehicle of which more than one is required. For example, there can be four to eight fuel injectors in a vehicle. The same is true of ignition coil. When you replace a defective fuel injector or ignition coil, it is beneficial to replace the others, as well, since those parts can also eventually fail. In addition, when you purchase parts in sets, we will get them to you at reduced prices.