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Fuel Injection Throttle Body Spacer

Fuel Injection Throttle Body Spacer

Fuel Injection Throttle Body Spacer

Fuel Injection Throttle Body Spacer

The Fuel Injection Throttle Body Spacer, an aftermarket component, is a part of your engine's air intake system. It increases the amount of air entering the engine cylinder, thereby boosting the engine power and torque. The throttle body regulates the air entering the engine. The spacer is fitted between the throttle body and the intake plenum to increase the distance between them. The increased space allows more air to enter into the engine cylinder. The throttle body spacer also increases the engine's efficiency as the engine makes less effort in bringing the air to the cylinders. Throttle body spacers are more suitable for throttle body injection (TBI) systems compared to multi-point fuel injectton (MFI) systems.

It is advised to pay attention while choosing the right fuel injection throttle body spacer, if you are planning to install a new one or replace the exising one. Buy Auto Parts will get you the right fit for your vehicle if you select your automobile's right year, make and model. Coming with an industry-leading warranty, our parts are available at unbeatable prices. We also offer free shipping for purchases over $99. If you have trouble in locating your fuel injection throttle body spacer, our support team is at hand to help you: call us at 1-888-907-7225 or leave us an email at [email protected].

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