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Replacement Alternator

Replacement Alternator

Replacement Alternator

The Replacement Alternator is located at the front of the engine. It is belt-driven by the crankshaft. Its purpose is to generate direct current (DC) required for recharging the battery. The alternator consists of various components like the pulley, rotor, stator, cooling fan and voltage regulator. Its working is similar to that of an electric motor. Its function is to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy.

The alternator produces a magnetic field around it when the rotor starts spinning. The magnetic field moves through the conductor and produces an electric field. An alternating current (AC) is created when these fields are made to move fast, back and forth. The power from the alternator is sent to the rectifier, which converts the AC current to DC current. If your car's alternator is not functioning properly, you should replace it as quickly as possible. Buy Auto Parts stocks a wide selection of replacement alternators at affordable prices. We provide free shipping on all orders above US $50.


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