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 Volkswagen  Fuel Pump Assembly
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While gas prices may be going down right now you still drive a car that is good for your pocket and the environment when it comes to fuel economy. Your Volkswagen Golf has been with you for many years. Saving you lots of money at the gas pump during those times of high fuel prices. Since saving gas is important, you make sure you understand how your VW fuel system works. So that if something ever goes wrong with it you can get the proper replacement parts that you need. One of the essential components of your VW fuel system that we are going to focus on today is your Volkswagen fuel pump.

So what is a VW fuel pump? A fuel pump is a pump in your fuel tank. Typically, this pumps or forces fuel from the gas tank towards the engine. It is an essential part of your VW fuel system because it is pumping your fuel, so with a malfunctioning fuel pump there will be no fuel sent to your engine. There are two types of fuel pumps your VW could have. They are a mechanical fuel pump or an electronic fuel pump.

The first VW fuel pump we will take a look at is the mechanical one. The mechanical fuel pump is located on a mount outside of the fuel tank and, generally, has a lower chance of malfunctioning. It is shaped like a diaphragm and uses the pumping action of the diaphragm shape to create low pressure and transport fuel from the gas tank to the carburetor. This somewhat resembles the action of a piston. Now most vehicles today are not equipped with a mechanical fuel pump since cars have moved away from carburetor-based fuel systems to more advanced fuel injection systems. This brings us to our next type of more commonly used fuel pump.

The electronic fuel pump is a VW fuel system that delivers fuel under high pressure and works better with modern fuel injection systems today. The electronic fuel pump is located inside the gas tank, as opposed to being mounted outside of it, like in the mechanical system. The electronic system works by spraying a fine mist of fuel inside the engine’s chambers and is operated through a computer control system as opposed to a mechanical one. To summarize, there are two main functions of a fuel pump:

  • To pump fuel from the gas tank to the fuel injector or carburetor
  • Create the proper amount of pressure, whether its low or high, to make sure the right amount of fuel be delivered to the engine

So when it comes time to get a VW fuel assembly and replace your fuel pump you can count on us for any type of VW fuel pumps you need. We have both the mechanical fuel pumps and the electronic fuel pumps available for your needs. Since it is such an integral part of your VW fuel system you want to make sure you are getting the correct VW fuel assembly when your VW fuel pump shows signs of malfunction. We have guaranteed to fit fuel pumps for your VW and a one-year warranty on all our parts!