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How To Check Transmission Fluid






Place your car at a level surface. Start the engine. Set transmission lever to the "P" (parking) position, and let the engine idle (on some cars this process may differ, check the owners' manual for details). Pull the transmission dipstick. Check your owners manual to find where such dipstick is placed in your car.


Dry it with a lint free clean rag or tissue. Then set it back carefully all the way down into it's place.


Pull again and check the fluid level. If the engine is cool, it should be at the upper end of the "COLD" mark. If the engine is hot, the level should be at the upper end of the "HOT" mark. If it's lower, you should add some amount of automatic transmission fluid. Check the fluid condition also: If it's too black and has a burnt smell - your transmission is not going to last. Normally it should be clean and transparent, as in the image. Its color may be different, from red to brown. Wipe the dipstick with clean white paper and look at the paper. Normally there should be no black deposits, no metal particles, no dirt left on the paper.


Check the transmission fluid type in the owners manual. For example some Chrysler transmissions need only specific type of fluid and regular fluid like Dexron II can even destroy the transmission. Add a little amount of the fluid as it's shown in the image. Wait for a while - let the fluid to flow down. Start the engine. Check the level again.


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